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Created: lming (24 Oct 2008)
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This WIKI article introduces basic concepts about WAP protocols.It also introduce a use-case for WAP-PUSH.

WAP Concepts

WAP(Wireless Application Protocol) is a set of open protocols.WAP mainly is used to enable mobile devices can get HTTP like information.WAP mainly contains following protocols.

Wireless Datagram Protocol (WDP) can be thinked as "UDP" in WAP. WDP provides unreliable transportation of data through SMS, USSD, GPRS, UMTS.

Wireless Transaction Protocol (WTP) can be considered as "TCP" in WAP and it provides reliable data transportation service.

Wireless Session Protocol (WSP) can be considered as "a compact version of http" in WAP and it provides WAP Web browsing session connection service.

WAP Transaction Layer Security(WTLS) can be considered as Secure Session Layer (SSL) and Transaction Layer Security (TLS) protocols in WAP.

WAE(Wireless Application Environment) is a general application environment which is based on WWW and Mobile Telephony technologies. WAE includes the micro-browser and Wireless Telephony services and programming interfaces.

For WAP 1.X, the primary language of WAE is WML(Wireless Markup Language) which is displayed by micro browser. for WAP 2.0,the primary language of WAE is XHTML. WML and XHTML are designed for small screens.

WAP push basically is a special SMS containing link to a WAP content smartphone which support WAP 1.2 or higher version,when a WAP PUSH is received, normally the phone will notified user about the content of this wap push.

A sample for WAP push

The following is a example about signal-none WAP push message.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!DOCTYPE si PUBLIC "-//WAPFORUM//DTD SI 1.0//EN" ""><si>
<indication href=""action="signal-none" si-id="1234" >
a new email is available at

In above example,si means that this message is Service Indication type.

action="signal-none" means that when phone receive this WAP message,it do not notify user. a new email is available at is the content of this message.

on s60 3rd and later devices,CContentHandlerBase and CPushHandlerBase can be used to get notification of received WAP Push messages .

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