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Client overview

Client overview.png

This articles gives a brief description of the architecture behind the WidSets client.

UI framework

  • Componentized UI construction kit.
  • Simplifies widget creation.
  • Reduces code size.
  • Screen is a stack of Shells. This enables natural navigation.
  • Look and feel with CSS-like styles.
  • Automatic navigation and scrolling.
  • Nested menus.
  • Animations.

UI components

Cheetah components.png

Cheetah has the following Archived:Porting from MIDP to WidSets Scripting Language#UI Components:

  • Canvas
  • Flow
  • Label
    • Choice
    • MenuItem
    • Ticker
  • Picture
  • Progress
  • Scrollable
  • Shell
    • Popup
  • System
  • Text
    • Input
      • NativeInput
  • Widget


  • Top, right, bottom, left sizes individually controlled on all levels.
  • Border types:
    • Transparent
    • Rectangle border, 1 or 4 colors
    • Image border (GRID-8)
  • Background types:
    • Transparent
    • Solid color
    • Horizontal gradient
    • Vertical gradient
    • Image (alignable & repeatable)
    • GRID-9
  • Optional separate style is used when component is focused.
    • Note. The consumed area should be same on both styles.

Flow layout

  • Each component has following layout control flags:
    • VISIBLE – Component is visible.
    • FOCUSABLE – Component can receive focus.
    • LINEFEED – Explicit linefeed after component.
    • WRAP – Linefeed when needed.
Flow layout 2.png
  • Each component has preferred width and height.
  • If preferred sizes are not set, each component can calculate its exact size.
  • Size can be either absolute or relative.
    • Given as [-1 .. -100].
  • When using relative height, the enclosing container must have absolute size.


  • Value is a generic payload used on server communication.
  • Enough power to describe any structure/object.
  • Versatile support for Value handling in script API.

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