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Archived Talk:How to package Flash content in a Widget

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Featured article, July 27th 2008 (week 31)

I have tried using RDA but still not able to run that downloaded application say MyFlashWidget. May I know why?

None of the methods seem to produce intended flashlite behavior similar to the stand-alone flash-lite player. Instead with these methods I see the following errors:

Bg info: device (tried on both n95 and n5230 same exact behavior experienced on both)

1) embed flash - flash app does not hold focus, there is a 1pixel neon blue border that looks to be the HTML container 2) exact same as above 3) works in pc browser, produces white blank screen on devices

One may ask: if the widget is pure flash why not run it from the player instead of nesting it in the wap browser? If it is a security issue then why is browsing to the file manager or gallery any different? I don't see warnings there.

Would love to see this flash widget implementation working properly. It's almost there! It really is a step forward!


My pleasure!

The ambiquity perpetrated above requires rejoindering: Please elaborate ;o)

The article describes alternative methods to package flash content in to a widget. Although there are many third party applications to help you with this, it is limited to mainly windows machines. The article provides three alternatives to package a flash content within a widget.

1) Embedded Flash 2) Directly Playing Flash 3) Meta-refresh method

An example widget is also provided to embed the flash content within. Note: To get the example working you need to rename the zip file properly as mentioned in the article.

15 Sep


None of these methods work on the N97 with the latest firmware. The option 2 method does not work on the 5800 either, just displaying the swf as binary data. The N97 seems to completely ignore the meta refresh (and indeed any javascript equivalent unless it starts with http://). As this information is incorrect for two of Nokia's newest big phones, I suspect it is incorrect for others as well, although I am unable to test. Is there no longer a way of packaging FL in WGZ that works across all handsets?

Shpe - code to avoid purple border around flash object

sample for portrait mode fullscreen

  <div style="margin:-1px; width:360px; height:640px">
<object ... >.........</object>

shpe 12:13, 22 September 2011 (EEST)

Hamishwillee - @Shpe - this comment is in wiki

Hi Shpe

FYI, this commenting system is just another wiki page, so you can use wiki markup (ie <code>here is code</code>. Also, because its a wiki, you are welcome to put your improvement directly into the article, particularly if you're sure of it.

Thanks for taking the time to help other developers!



hamishwillee 04:38, 23 September 2011 (EEST)

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