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Archived Talk:Setting up environment for Qt Mobility API

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Hi, The problems I have encountered so far are that the file in the SDK
"" needed to be put in path
"C:\S60\devices\S60_5th_Edition_SDK_v0.9" extracts into epoc32

The example source code "C:\qt-mobility-src-1.0.0-beta1\examples\weatherinfo"
The instructions to compile examples dont seem to work. I resorted to the following commands in another Qt document cant remember where:-

C:\qt-mobility-src-1.0.0-beta1\examples\weatherinfo>qmake -makefile

C:\qt-mobility-src-1.0.0-beta1\examples\weatherinfo>make release-gcce

C:\qt-mobility-src-1.0.0-beta1\examples\weatherinfo>make runonphone

Processing weatherinfo_release-gcce.pkg... Created weatherinfo_unsigned.sis.

Successfully created weatherinfo.sis for release-gcce using certificate: Self Signed! C:\C:\qt-mobility-src-1.0.0-beta1\examples\weatherinfo>

UPDATE:- The command string for QtMobility seems to be condensed to qmake -makefile make release-gcce make runonphone The last one make runonphone is a new function which transfers to a phone when connected. This just leaves a self signed sis file, or signed developer file.

Well thats the story so far. Tried setup with usual commands,manually, just wont seem work Thanks Jim

Hi Jim,
So did you get it working or not? The steps I mentioned in the article are well tested on Windows XP and Windows Vista OS. I did not mention how to build the examples which come under Qt Mobility plugin, rather I explained how one can use the Qt Mobility APIs to build their own new applications.
Please let me know if you still find any confusion or problem.
--kiran10182 10:25, 15 March 2010 (UTC)

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