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Body Fat Maintainer Application

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This Article contain detail of Health Application "Body Fat Maintainer" for Asha Device.

Note.pngNote: This is an entry in the Nokia Asha Wiki Competition 2013H2.

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Created: pardeepsharma10 (13 Dec 2013)
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Body Fat Maintainer Application is a Health care Application which helps user to check Body Fat, according to Body Fat of User Application provide details of Physical Exercises and Foods which helps User to reduce Body Fat. App automatically set a reminder to check Body Fat dated 7 days later so that user can keep regular track of the Body Fat and can measure the effectiveness of the Efforts he is making to reduce body Fat.


Body Fat Maintainer is very useful App for all people . It helps people to reduce Body Fat and avoid Obesity which causes lot of Health related Diseases. App would be very useful for class of people which have to sit during work for long Hours which causes gain of Body Fat.Most of the People in Developing Countries are not able to regularly go to Gym due to different reasons and they have long working Hours which cause gain of Body Fat and this extra fat causes problems like Overweight,Obesity, High Blood Pressure and Heart Related Diseases which sometimes leads to Death. Body Fat Maintainer helps Fit people to avoid Body Fat and people with extra weight to reduce and keep track of it.


Initially App have a Body Fat Calculator to calculate Body Fat this require Weight and Waist and Gender of User depending upon them it calculates Percentage of Body Fat using formula given below :-

Body Fat Percentage :- [weight-{(weight*1.082+94.42)-(waist*4.15)}]*100/weight; Body Fat Calculator is simple form having LWUIT components like label, text Field and Button etc.

On click on calculate button App calculate Lean Body Weight and Percentage of Body Fat and shows it on result form with advice based on result of calculation. the result from also two buttons. First provide information of Items which helps to reduce body fat and second allows user to set reminder to check body weight one week later.

Clicking on the Schedule regular Reminder create a reminder for checking Body Fat Again dated 7 Days later. clicking on reduce body fat button open from which contain a Combo-Box and contains two types of items which reduces Body Fat. First is Food and Second is Exercise. each type of item is shown based on the selected item of Combo Box.


Body Fat Maintainer is great Health Care App. It is very Useful. I have already have Body Fat Calculator published on my account. I will soon update it with this App. Source Code is provide anybody interested can use and modify it

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