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Browser Launcher API

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Created: ltomuta (16 Jun 2007)
Last edited: hamishwillee (30 May 2013)

Note.pngNote: :This API is not part of the public SDK. It can be found in the SDK API Plug-in.

Browser Launcher API can be used to launch the built-in S60 browser in embedded mode with the given parameters. It also provides the capability to override certain settings. CBrowserLauncher::LaunchBrowserEmbeddedL() will launch the browser and its parameters are used to change the settings (thus, the behavior) of the browser.

We can override the settings of the browser with the help of TBrowserOverriddenSettings::SetBrowserSetting(), for example the screen can be changed to small size (EBrowserOverSettingsSmallScreen), font size (EBrowserOverSettingsFontSize) etc.

MDownloadedContentHandler is an interface for handling downloaded content. We can implement it (but don't have to) if we want to handle content that has been downloaded by Browser. This can be acheived by using HandleContentL() of MDownloadedContentHandler.

This operation can be done in synchronous and asynchronous ways using CBrowserLauncher class.

Header Files:

#include <browseroverriddensettings.h> 
#include <browserlauncher.h>

Link against:

LIBRARY    browserlauncher.lib

Capabilities Required:


Example code

void CTestBrowserAPIAppUi::ConstructL()
CBrowserLauncher* iBrLauncher = CBrowserLauncher::NewL();
void CTestBrowserAPIAppUi::LaunchBrowserL()
//Implementation of the file based content handler.
MDownloadedContentHandler* aContentHandler;
//Embedded Browser application exit observer.
MAknServerAppExitObserver* aExitObserver;
//Overridden user preferences.
TBrowserOverriddenSettings* aSettings;
//Asynchronous operation to launch the browser with KUrl as default page
iBrLauncher->LaunchBrowserEmbeddedL( KUrl, aContentHandler = NULL,
aExitObserver = NULL,aSettings = NULL);
//Synchronous operation to launch the browser with KUrl as default page
iBrLauncher->LaunchBrowserSyncEmbeddedL( KUrl, aContentHandler = NULL,
aSettings = NULL);

Example Application

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