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BugSense for WP8 - Error tracking/ Quality metrics

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This article introduces BugSense, a leading crash reporting and quality metrics service for mobile apps that supports both Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8.

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Platform(s): Windows Phone 7.5, Windows Phone 8
Windows Phone 8
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Created: Aady (26 Jan 2013)
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A developer's job doesn't end when their application is deployed to marketplace. The most critical part in any software development life cycle is support. Unless you give a quality app and provide quick fixes to bugs, users wont be really happy to use your application again and again. However this is more easily said than done. As a developer you need to be aware of what current bugs are occurring to different users, its frequency, which devices are specifically affected, and so on.

Bugsense is an out of the box solution for this problem. It is quality metrics/error tracking SDK. Provides a real-time bug tracking service which can be used by mobile application developers for getting instant notification and detailed information about the errors and provides “fixed notifications” back to users.

BugSense Features

BugSense offers following features:

  • Quick Integration with mobile apps - developers can start using the BugSense features out of the box with minimal configuration. We will see an example of this in later part of the article.
  • Real Time crash reports
  • Quick notification to developer when a new error is detected
  • Quality Metrics & Analytics - Statistical information on the errors received like number of user affected by a same type of error, type of error which occurs recurring, which device is affected, etc. Gives critical and different dimension of errors which gives a insight to developer on the nature and probable reason of the problem occurred.
  • Error Insights - In addition to error notification BugSense helps in getting details about the error including: level of error, locale of user device, details about other features like Wifi, GPS, etc which helps in understanding the cause of issue.
  • Filters - Narrow down the error log focus by using advanced search and filter facility. Developer can filter the logs based on app version, OS version, status, time, etc.
  • Fix Notifications - Notify users that the error encountered by them earlier is fixed. This increases the faith and confidence of user in your application and certainly will help in creditability.
  • Performance - Logging and error tracking is considered as an overhead, but with BugSense you can be rest assured that the performance of your application will not be affected.
  • Integration with JIRA - Seamless integration with JIRA 5 will make the developers life easy. BugSense takes care of creating automated issue on error encounter and also smartly decides the priority depending upon the number of instances occurred for that error.

Getting started

BugSense provide excellent documentation on how to get started on both Windows Phone 7.5 and Windows Phone 8: Using the Windows Phone library

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