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Created: Den123 (07 Sep 2007)
Last edited: hamishwillee (20 Jul 2012)

If you want to give your users the ability to enter bigger amount of text then you can use CNotepadApi.

NB! The editor of this class has Find menu item under Options. If you don't have ReadDeviceData and WriteDeviceData capabilities set, then your app will panic with KERN-EXEC 0 when selecting this menu item.

Linking and header required:

link against: NpdLib.lib 
header required: #include <npdapi.h>

TInt aReturnStatus=0;
HBufC *buf=NULL;
TRAPD(err,buf=CNotepadApi::ExecTextEditorL(aReturnStatus,iText,_L("Edit Text"),_L("Delete txt?")));
if(aReturnStatus==3007 || aReturnStatus==KErrNone)
delete buf;
buf = NULL;

Following is the code to fetch template using CNotepadeApi

CNotepadApi * pNotePad = CNotepadApi:: NewLC (); 
HBufC* pTemplate = NULL;
pTemplate = pNotePad->FetchTemplateL();
//copy pTemplate into a buffer and can use in your application.
delete pTemplate;
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