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Archived:NumKeyTranslator in Symbian Web Runtime

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NumericKeyTranslator is a JavaScript  key map engine designed to prevent key events being absorbed by the WRT engine while a text edit field is in editing mode. It is intended to be used in larger projects.

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Platform(s): S60 3rd Edition FP2
S60 3rd Edition FP2
Created: User:Nokia Developer KB (21 Apr 2008)
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NumericKeyTranslatoris a key map engine, written in JavaScript language and designed for the S60 Web Runtime platform. The library can be used mainly in Web widgets for S60 to overcome the problem of key event being absorbed by the widget engine while a text edit field is in editing mode. Thus, a widget cannot instantly receive a key event to detect which character has just been entered into the edit field. One of the use cases is implementing an instant searching function where input characters must be retrieved immediately after the user types them into the search field (a text input field).

To use the NumericKeyTranslator with a text edit field, that is, <input type="text" />, the input element must be set to read-only to prevent the user from setting it to the editing mode. <input type="text" readonly="true"/>

NumericKeyTranslator can be used with any element that can reasonably display characters on it, for example a
element. Currently this engine supports only the languages defined in the changeKeys function.

Numkey translator.jpg

Example application
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