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CActiveSchedulerWait controls a single scheduling loop in the current global CActiveScheduler active scheduler. CActiveSchedulerWait provides better control of nested wait loops in the active scheduler.

Note that a CActiveSchedulerWait object can be used as a data member inside other CBase-derived classes.

See also the code example about threads Archived:RThread - Symbian threading example.

Source: creating and starting CActiveSchedulerWait

Execute RThread:

TInt CSomeThread::ExecuteThread(TAny *aPtr)
// Create cleanupstack
CTrapCleanup* cleanupStack = CTrapCleanup::New();
// Create active sheduler and start thread
TRAPD( error, CThreadAOEngine::CreateActiveSchedulerL( sharedMediator ) )
delete cleanupStack;
return 0;

Start the active scheduler and the asynchronous operation:

void CSomeThread::CreateActiveSchedulerL()
// 1. Create a new active scheduler.
CActiveScheduler* activeScheduler = new (ELeave) CActiveScheduler;
// 2. Use the static function Install to install the previously created scheduler.
// 3. Created a nested loop inside CActiveScheduler.
CActiveSchedulerWait* wait = new (ELeave) CActiveSchedulerWait;
// 4. Create a class that must be handled asynchronously.
CSomeAsyncClassTimer* timer = CSomeAsyncClassTimer::NewL(wait);
// 5. Add an active object in CActiveScheduler.
// 6. Active scheduler must have one outstanding request before it can
// be started.
// 7. Start the nested scheduler loop.
// 8. The process continues here after calling CActiveSchedulerWait::AsyncStop()
// that is called in CSomeAsyncClassTimer::StopWaitLoop()
// Remove and delete the scheduler and the rest.

Source: stopping CActiveSchedulerWait

void CSomeAsyncClassTimer::StartL()
// TODO: An asynchronous operation starts in
// this CActive object
void CSomeAsyncClassTimer::RunL()
// Asynchronous operation stops
// We desided to stop our own CActiveSchedulerWait
// NOTE: This does not stop the global CActiveScheduler but it continues
// running.
void CSomeAsyncClassTimer::StopWaitLoop()
// Stops our own nested scheduler loop


CActiveSchedulerWait, a nested wait loop, has been created in global CActiveScheduler. CActiveSchedulerWait stopped after running the asynchronoys operation. CActiveSchedulerWait does not stop the global CActiveScheduler but it continues running.

See also

Archived:RThread - Symbian threading example

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