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Archived:Screensaver Settings Symbian API

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Platform(s): S60 3rd Edition, FP2
S60 3rd Edition FP2
Keywords: Screensaver Settings API
Created: User:Technical writer 1 (13 Jun 2008)
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Note.pngNote: This API is not part of the public SDK. It can be found in the SDK API Plug-in.

The Screensaver Settings API is used to retrieve information about the screen saver. The information which can be retrieved is the name of screen saver plug-in module currently in use, type of screen saver object, and screen saver text.


Header files

  #include <screensaverinternalcrkeys.h>
#include <centralrepository.h> // for CRepository

Link against

  LIBRARY centralrepository.lib
    CRepository* iRepository = CRepository::NewL( KCRUidScreenSaver);

Commonly used instance variables

    TInt iErrCode;
TInt iVal;
TBuf<200> iDispVal;

Example code

Retrieving the name of screen saver plug-in currently in use:

Note: The string does not contain path information, only the name of plug-in module. This value applies only if KScreenSaverObject is set to EScreensaverTypePlugin.

    iErrCode = iRepository->Get(KScreenSaverPluginName, iDispVal);
if ( iErrCode == KErrNone )
iEikonEnv->AlertWin(_L("pluginname"), iDispVal);

Retrieving the type of the screen saver object:

Possible values: 0: text 1: time and date (default value) 3: plugin

    iErrCode = iRepository->Get(KScreenSaverObject ,iVal);
if(iErrCode == KErrNone)
case 0: iEikonEnv->AlertWin(_L("SStype text"), iDispVal);
case 1: iEikonEnv->AlertWin(_L("SStype Date"), iDispVal);
case 3: iEikonEnv->AlertWin(_L("SStype plugin"), iDispVal);
iEikonEnv->AlertWin(_L("error"), iDispVal);

Retrieving screen saver text:

    iErrCode =iRepository->Get(KScreenSaverText, iDispVal);
if(iErrCode == KErrNone )
iEikonEnv->AlertWin(_L("Text is"), iDispVal);
iEikonEnv->AlertWin(_L("error"), iDispVal);
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