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The Calender(also Agenda) engine/model API provides access to the time management data used by the Calender and To-Do applications.The model allows entries to be added,deleted and edited.Can be used for Alarm synchronization information.

Agenda Model and Concepts

There are 4 types of agenda entry, each with different properties:

  • Events(CAgnEvent)
    • Events are all-day entries that may have a display time, but do not have an actual start time.Events may have multiple day durations using the optional end date information.
  • Anniversaries(CAgnAnniv)
    • These are events that occur only once a year.Info about the base year can be stored.
  • Appointments(CAgnAppt)
    • These have a start time and data and an end time and date.
  • To-dos(CAgnToDo)
    • These represent a task to be carried out and may have a display time and data and either a due or crossed out data to indicate when the task is due by or when it was performed. A to-do also contains details about the to-do list it belongs to and its priority.

The models for accessing the agenda data are managed in a three layer hierarchy:

  • Entry Model(CAgnEntryModel)
    • This is the base model.An entry object represents each entry with all repetitions stored in the one object.
  • Indexed Model(CAgnIndexedModel)
    • This extends the entry model, indexing the data to allow filtering before entries are read.
  • Instance Model(CAgnModel)
    • This extends the indexed model and is the most suitable for applications with a user interface, as separate objects are used to represent each instance of a repeating object.


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