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Capabilities (Symbian Signed)/AllFiles Capability

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Created: hamishwillee (16 Dec 2010)
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The AllFiles capability gives read access to the whole filesystem. It also gives write access to most of the file system (except /sys and parts of /resource, which require TCB).

Notably, a program with AllFiles capability can read and write to any program's directory under /private.

This capability is very strictly controlled and it is not granted lightly. This capability is from manufacturer-approved category. To use it in your application you need to obtain a permission from device manufacturer directly. See Device Manufacturer Capabilities (Symbian Signed)


The /private directory may contain sensitive information, e.g. saved passwords. Modifying another program's configuration or data files directly can cause incorrect behaviour - in the worst case, the phone stops working.


The file server checks this capability when a normally restricted path is accessed.


The backup server needs AllFiles in order to be able to backup and restore /private. It is useful for debugging, so product creation tools often use it. In third-party applications it may be used for anti-virus software (though Symbian has little record of problems with viruses)

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