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Capabilities (Symbian Signed)/ReadUserData Capability

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Created: hamishwillee (16 Dec 2010)
Last edited: hamishwillee (20 Jul 2012)

Grants read access to confidential data belonging to the phone user. Contacts, messages and calendar data are always seen as user confidential data. For other content types such as images or sounds, it may depend on context, and is both platform and application dependent.

This capability can be used with self-signed applications.

Why is this capability needed?:

Users should be informed that an application is accesing their personal data, due to privacy concerns. If this capability is used in a self-signed application then the user will be informed that the application has this capability on installation and will implicitly accept any breach of privacy by installing it. Signed applications will not ask the user this, but will be checked to make sure they don't do anything malicious with it (i.e. upload it to a server).


  • Phone book
  • Call history
  • Messages
  • etc


Any application using, or presenting the users personal information, such as an alternative dialler application or agenda software.

Note.pngNote: For writing user data, see WriteUserData. ReadUserData and WriteUserData are not always symmetric. You don't necessarily get read and write access to same areas via them.

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