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Carbide.c++ has been developed in cooperation with Symbian, and is built on Eclipse, the rapidly evolving open-source integrated development environment framework designed to encourage software tool innovation. The Carbide.c++ tools (IDE, C/C++ compilers, and TRK) are maintained by the Native Tools group.

Carbide.c++ is based on the open Eclipse framework, as well as the CDT project.


Carbide.c++ features

The family of Carbide .c++ developer tools includes these features, they are all included in version 3.2 and are free from v2.0:

Public SDK support***
Improved project import/export***
Emulator debugging***
Platform security scanner
(available via Update Manager)
On-device debugging***
R&D SDK (CustKits) support***
Graphical UI designer***
Enhanced build target support
(ARMv5, ARMv5_ABIv2, ARMv6, etc.)
Symbian Project Navigator **
Performance Investigator
- CPU load
- Memory usage
- Power usage (supported on several Nokia S60 devices)
System-level on-device debugging
(must be enabled by device manufacturer)
Support for R&D devices
(requires access to target device symbol files)
Dependency Explorer
(available via Update Manager)
New GUI Crash Debugger **
JTAG hardware debugging support  *
ROM builder  *
ROM debugger  *

Carbide.c++ features

Designed for Symbian developers who focus on Symbian kernel development.

  • JTAG Debugging suppport
  • Crash Debugger
  • Performance Investigator
  • On-device Debugging (TRK)
  • UI Designer
  • CodeScanner support
  • S60 5th Edition support
  • Qt support
  • Open "C" support
  • and much more...

Other information

Carbide.c++ Self-Help Section

If you need better facilities to develop Carbide.c++ upgrade to Carbide.c++ 2.0 for free

Here are a few self-help links:

ITEM LINK/More Information
How to upgrade your Carbide product Watch the video

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