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Carbide.c++ supports standard Eclipse plug-ins. That means you can write a normal Eclipse plug-in and have it work with Carbide.c++.

With the release of v1.2 we provide a preliminary API to allow developers access to certain Carbide.c++ features so they can develop plug-ins that can work with Carbide.c++ features.

3rd Party Plugins

Here's a list of some handy URLs to plugins and where to find more plugins than you dreamed existed.

  • Logfile Plugin[1] - Really nice tool. Very useful for trailing files like epocwind.out with regexp filtering and coloring.
  • Panic Lookup [2] - Lookup all those confusing Panic codes.
  • Beyond CVS [3] - BeyondCVS is a plug-in that enables using Beyond Compare (externally) for comparing files and folders. It also allows comparing a single file to a previous revision in CVS/SVN or Local History.
  • Hundreds more plug-ins found at Eclipse Plug-in Central [4]


In the Carbide.c++ help see the following on writing plug-ins:

  • Carbide Help > Carbide.c++ Plugin Developer Guide
  • CDT Plug-in Developer Guide
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