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Carbide: how to copy data files to the emulator directory

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Created: lpvalente (26 Jun 2007)
Last edited: hamishwillee (03 Jun 2013)


Sometimes it is necessary to use external files in an application, for example, .jpeg files for sprites in a game.

The PRJ_EXPORTS section of the bld.inf file can be used to specify files to be copied to the emulator directory. For example:

"..\data\alien1.jpeg" "\Epoc32\winscw\c\private\eb4e3a98\alien1.jpeg"

That line instructs the build process to copy the alien1.jpeg file from the project data folder to the specified emulator directory. However, when using current versions of Carbide (c++ and vs, for Windows), this section is ignored during the build process.

A possible workaround for this problem is to create a simple script file (.bat under Windows) to compile the project using the command-line tools, which correctly copies the data files to the emulator directory.

Here is the script file content:

bldmake bldfiles
abld build winscw udeb

Then, just click on the script file and the files will be copied. With this workaround, you can avoid having to manually copy the files.

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