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Carbide Customization

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This article explains how to customise Carbide.c++ to make it easier to use. The customisation automates some processes and simplifies navigation


Code Bookmarks

One of the Carbide’s features which is derived from Eclipse IDE is a Bookmarks navigation. It lets you mark any line in your source code assigning a description. After that you can navigate to it with help of a bookmarks dialog.

You can put a bookmark simply pressing right mouse button on a line numbers tab. But it is more comfortable to assign a hotkey.

To assign a hotkey go to Windows->Preferences. In filter text type “keys”. Select “Modify” tab. At “Command” section pick “Edit”. As a “name” pick “Add bookmark”. At the next “Key sequence” section press a key combination (I chose ALT+B). Press Add button.

Now you can press Alt+B at any line to bookmark it.

Contrib 019 i01 bookmark.gif

Diagram 1 – Assign a hotkey to add code bookmarks.

You can assign a hotkey to show Bookmarks window. To do that repeat the same actions but pick “Views” at “Command” section. And then pick “Show view (view: bookmarks)” at name section. Select key combination. I chose “CTRL+ALT+B”.

Contrib 019 i02 view.gif

Diagram 2 – Assign a hotkey to show bookmarks window.

Now you can navigate bookmarks and press Enter or double mouse click to pass to suitable line.

To make it more comfortable assign the Bookmarks view as a Fast View:

Contrib 019 i03 fastview.gif

Diagram 3 – Make bookmarks view as a fast view

Now it can be easily removed by ESC key and easily retrieved by CTRL+ALT+TAB hotkey.

In my mind it is very convenient and greatly simplifies code navigation.

Spaces instead of tabs

I prefer space characters to indent code blocks instead of tab character.

To toggle spaces only mode in carbide, go to Window->Preferences Type “Code Style” in filter text. Click Edit button. At “Indentation” tab select “Spaces only” from the dropdown.

Contrib 019 i04 spaces.gif

Diagram 4 – Spaces only mode


It would be a great affair if you add some carbide customization tips here. I will add some more tips when I learn more.

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