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Data synchronization technologies are designed to synchronize a single set of data between two or more devices, automatically copying changes back and forth. For example, a user's contact list on one mobile device can be synchronized with other mobile devices or computers.

Phone data can be synchronized in one of the 2 ways

  • Using Nokia's PC Suite (with USB or Bluetooth)
  • Using Sync (OTA, Bluetooth)

PC Suite is the easiest way to Sync the device with the PC. But its not always that we have the PC at our disposal. So services like Mobical and Zyb come into picture. All Sync related solutions requires some settings on the phone. The settings can be found in Menu>Connectivity>Sync. PC Suite installs a small program which is used during SMS/MMS sync. Zyb and Mobical either send a settings SMS or we can manually set the configurations to sync contacts/notes/calendar etc.

What a particular service can sync depends upon the service provider and the device. Not every phone allows syncing of notes.


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