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Change Marker based on zoom level in HERE Maps

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This article shows how to control the display of map markers based on zoom level. This can be useful both to ensure that markers are not distorted as the map level changes, or indeed to ensure that those displayed are still relevant.

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Devices(s): Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera
Platform(s): Web
Dependencies: HERE Maps 2.5.3
Keywords: HERE Maps, JavaScript, Zoom, markers
Created: jackdenial (30 Dec 2011)
Last edited: jasfox (20 Dec 2013)

Adding map observer

In this code snippet, we are adding an observer to the zoomLevel property of the map to monitor the zoom and we will change the marker accordingly.

var arrColor = ["#0C0101","#220202","#320303","#410505","#520707",
function addZoomObserver(map){
function updateMarker(){
marker.set("text", map.zoomLevel);
var brush = {color: arrColor[map.zoomLevel]};
marker.set("brush", brush);


The output of the above code would look like the screenshot below. Whenever you double click the map, it will zoom in, and the marker will show zoomLevel in the balloon and its color will also get changed accordingly.


Working Example:

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