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Change the listbox item mark position

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Created: chenziteng (27 Sep 2009)
Last edited: hamishwillee (30 May 2013)

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This article takes CAknSingleGraphicStyleListBox as an example to describe how change the item mark position of a S60 listbox by SetItemMarkPosition()

Source Code

Normally the CAknSingleGraphicStyleListBox with marks looks like this (note that the mark position is column one):

Click to download the sample app


But you can change the mark position to the last column,

Click to download the sample app MulsList(2).zip


The changes include:

1. Use SetItemMarkPosition() to set the new mark position

void CMulsListContainer::SizeChanged()
iListBox->ItemDrawer()->SetItemMarkPosition(2); // set the new mark position

2. Update the format strings

//    _LIT(KItemFormat, "1\tRecord%d\t2"); // "1\tLabel1\tIcon1"
_LIT(KItemFormat, "2\tRecord%d\t1"); // "Icon1\tLabel1\t1"

You can also compare the two sample applications to see the changes.

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