Check Bluetooth power on/off in Symbian 2nd edition phones

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Created: giridharn (21 May 2007)
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To Check Bluetooth Power On or Off

Headers required:

#include <SettingInfo.h>  // CSettingInfo

Library required:

LIBRARY PlatformEnv.lib  //CSettingInfo

Source file:

// Using class should derive MSettingInfoObserver. 
// and declare void HandleNotificationL(
// SettingInfo::TSettingID aID, const TDesC &aNewValue);
//iSettingInfo is of type CSettingInfo*
iSettingInfo = CSettingInfo::NewL( this );
TInt btMode = -1;
TInt err = iSettingInfo->Get( SettingInfo::EBluetoothPowerMode, btMode );
TBuf<30> errBuf;
// EBluetoothPowerMode : Current bluetooth power mode.
// Integer value. Possible values
// 0 (unpowered/sleeping)
// 1 (powered up and fully functional)
//Order notifications when bluetooth power mode is changed
err = iSettingInfo.NotifyChanges( SettingInfo::EBluetoothPowerMode );
//Changed states can be get from HandleNotificationL();

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