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Checking the Bluetooth power state in 3rd Ed

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Created: vin2ktalks (22 May 2007)
Last edited: hamishwillee (20 Jul 2012)
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Headers Required:

#include <centralrepository.h> // for CRepository
#include <BTServerSDKCRKeys.h> // for KCRUidBluetoothPowerState, KBTPowerState
#include <BtnotifierAPI.h> // for KPowerModeSettingNotifierUid

Library Required:

LIBRARY centralrepository.lib  //CRepository

Source File:

//This will check the Bluetooth power state and if switched off
//then ask to switch it on.
TBool CBTEngine::CheckBluetoothPowerStateL()
return ETrue;
return TurnBluetoothOnL();
// ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
// CBTEngine::BluetoothPowerStateL()
// Get the Bluetooth power state of the device.
// ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
TBool CBTEngine::BluetoothPowerStateL()
CRepository* crep = CRepository::NewLC(KCRUidBluetoothPowerState);
TInt value = 0;
User::LeaveIfError(crep->Get(KBTPowerState, value));
return !(value == 0);
// ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
// CBTEngine::TurnBluetoothOnL()
// Uses the Notifier API to ask the user to turn on Bluetooth
// if it's not on already.
// ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
TBool CBTEngine::TurnBluetoothOnL()
RNotifier notifier;
User::LeaveIfError( notifier.Connect() );
TPckgBuf<TBool> dummy(ETrue);
TPckgBuf<TBool> reply(EFalse);
TRequestStatus status;
KPowerModeSettingNotifierUid, dummy, reply);
return reply();

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Note: The code has been taken from BTFileSend, an open source project in

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