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Collision detection using CPeriodic to control movement

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Tested with
Devices(s): Nokia E61i
Nokia E90 Communicator
Nokia N95 8GB
Keywords: CPeriodic, Math::Random(), TRect::Intersects()
Created: tapiolaitinen (20 Mar 2008)
Last edited: hamishwillee (19 Aug 2012)



This snippet demonstrates how to implement the logic for basic collision detection in Symbian C++, which is useful, for example, in simple games. In the snippet, five blocks are drawn onto the screen and sent moving. Collisions against walls and other blocks are detected. Moving is handled with CPeriodic.

In this snippet, the code is implemented in a container control named CAppView. The control is derived from CCoeControl.

Header file

const TInt KBlocks = 5;
const TInt KBlockWidth = 10;
const TInt KBlockHeight = 10;
const TInt KBlockMaxSpeed = 3;
const TInt KDelay = 10000;
const TInt KInterval = 10000;
* Static callback function for timer, called periodically.
* @param aPtr pointer to this class
* @return one of S60 error codes

static TInt TimerCallBack(TAny* aPtr);
* Timer function called from TimerCallBack.
* Takes care of moving the blocks.
* @return one of S60 error codes

TInt DoTimer();
// Data
TPoint iPosition[KBlocks]; // positions for blocks
TPoint iSpeed[KBlocks]; // speeds for blocks
TRgb iColor[KBlocks]; // colors for blocks
CPeriodic* iTimer;

Source file

#include <e32math.h>
void CAppView::ConstructL(const TRect& aRect)
// Create a window for this application view
// Create a periodic timer to move the blocks
iTimer = CPeriodic::NewL(EPriorityNormal);
// Initialize the blocks
TInt i;
for (i = 0; i < KBlocks; i++)
iSpeed[i] = TPoint(
Math::Random() % (2 * KBlockMaxSpeed + 1) - KBlockMaxSpeed,
Math::Random() % (2 * KBlockMaxSpeed + 1) - KBlockMaxSpeed);
iPosition[i] = TPoint(
Math::Random() % aRect.Width(),
Math::Random() % aRect.Height());
iColor[i] = TRgb(
Math::Random() % 256,
Math::Random() % 256,
Math::Random() % 256);
// Start the timer
iTimer->Start(KDelay, KInterval, TCallBack(TimerCallBack, this));
// Set the window size
// Activate the window, which makes it ready to be drawn
TInt CAppView::TimerCallBack(TAny* aPtr)
return ((CAppView*)aPtr)->DoTimer();
TInt CAppView::DoTimer()
// Get gc to draw with
CWindowGc& gc = SystemGc();
// Handle each block in turn
for (TInt i = 0; i < KBlocks; i++)
TPoint& position = iPosition[i];
TPoint& speed = iSpeed[i];
// Move blocks
position = position + speed;
TRect rect = Rect();
// Detect block colliding against walls
if ((position.iX + KBlockWidth >= rect.iBr.iX) ||
(position.iX <= rect.iTl.iX))
speed.iX = -speed.iX;
position = position + speed;
if ((position.iY + KBlockHeight >= rect.iBr.iY) ||
(position.iY <= rect.iTl.iY))
speed.iY = -speed.iY;
position = position + speed;
// Detect blocks colliding against each other
TRect boxRect(position, TSize(KBlockWidth, KBlockHeight));
for (TInt j = 0; j < KBlocks; j++)
TRect boxRect2(iPosition[j], TSize(KBlockWidth, KBlockHeight));
if ((i != j) && (boxRect.Intersects(boxRect2)))
speed.iY = -speed.iY;
speed.iX = -speed.iX;
// Draw current block
return KErrNone;


Five blocks are bouncing on the screen.

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