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Command line tools

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Created: ivey (30 Mar 2007)
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Warning.pngWarning: The Abld/bldmake toolchain described here is deprecated - replaced by "Raptor" (SBSv2). Detailed documentation for SBSv2 is provided in the document "Raptor Build System", and the "Raptor Quick Reference"article just gives a brief overview of the syntax and how it compares with abld. Both of these documents are reproduced in the word document inside the root of

Command line (command line interface) is a means for interacting with a computer using a text terminal via command prompts. Software that implements such interface is called a command line interpreter or shell. Windows command interpreter is cmd.exe.

Below is an example of how to build a Symbian C++ project from command line using the abld/bldmake (SBSv1) toolchain.

bldmake bldfiles
abld reallyclean
abld build winscw udeb

Click the thumbnail image below to see a sample output from Windows' cmd.exe.

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