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Archived:Comparing Symbian and Maemo Platforms

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Created: ebra (29 Oct 2007)
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This article examines a sample application developed for both S60 Platform and Maemo Platform. The main point is the give an overview on the possibilities of these platforms.

Development tools

S60 Platform SDKs for Symbian OS, for C++

Maemo SDKs and tools


Both S60 Platform and Maemo Platform support menus with submenus. The look of the menus is fairly the same. On the other hand the way menus are created differs quite a bit.

S60Menu4.png S60Menu2.png


Using menus with S60 and Maemo Platform

Hardware keys

Both S60 Platform and Maemo Platform devices have a number of hardware keys for developers to use.

MaemoHWKeys2.png S60HWKeys2.png

Using hardware keys with S60 and Maemo Platform

Common dialogs

Both S60 and Maemo Platforms have a number of common dialogs for developers.

S60CommonDialog.png Selecting a file in S60 Platform using CAknFileSelectionDialog

MaemoCommonDialog.png Selecting a file in Maemo Platform using hildon_file_chooser_dialog_new

Using common dialogs with S60 and Maemo Platform

Text strings

Most applications need to work with text in one way or another. On the latest S60 Platform (S60 3rd Edition FP2) developers can choose between Symbian descriptors and C strings. C string support is part of the Open C functionality. The Maemo Platform uses C strings.

Comparing C strings and descriptors


Using fonts with S60 and Maemo Platform

File access

Using files with S60 and Maemo Platforms


Using screen with S60 and Maemo Platforms


Using bitmaps with Symbian and Maemo Platforms


Using camera with S60 and Maemo Platforms


Using audio with S60 and Maemo Platforms

Network access

Accessing network with S60 and Maemo Platforms


Using Bluetooth with S60 and Maemo Platforms

Memory management

Comparing memory management on S60 and Maemo Platforms

Error handling

Comparing error handling on S60 and Maemo Platforms


Comparing application localization on S60 and Maemo Platforms

Application delivery package

Creating application delivery package on S60 and Maemo Platforms


S60 applications need to be signed for the S60 3rd Edition devices. Signing in Maemo Platfom is not an option currently.

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