Compatibility break in AutoFocus functionality in S60 3rd Edition FP2 (Known Issue)

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Platform(s): S60 3rd Edition FP2
S60 3rd Edition FP2
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The is a compatibility break in AutoFocus functionality between S60 3rd Edition, Feature Pack 1 and Feature Pack 2 devices. Prior to FP2, support for AutoFocus was not part of the S60 SDK, but was provided as an plug-in library, included in the S60 Platform: Camera Example with AutoFocus Support available from Nokia Developer.

The AutoFocus extension plug-in no longer works on S60 3rd Edition, Feature Pack 2 devices: CCamera::CustomInterface() returns NULL when passed with AutoFocus extension UID.


From S60 3rd Edition, FP2 onwards, AutoFocus can be controlled via CCamera::CCameraAdvancedSettings class. Note that this class is not part of S60 3rd Edition, FP2 SDK but it is included in the SDK API Plug-in for the S60 3rd Edition SDK for Symbian OS, for C++, supporting Feature Pack 2 (in version 1.2).

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