Compiling Symbian context-sensitive help fails with recent versions of Perl (Known Issue)

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If you have a recent version of ActivePerl, you may face problems when compiling help files for your Symbian application. This known issue has been verified by Nokia Developer.

There are two options:

  • Switch to an older version of ActivePerl (the officially supported version is v5.6.1 build 635, which can be downloaded here) or
  • Change the files param.pm and args.pm

These two files can be found in your SDK installation's Epoc32\tools\perllib path. In the file args.pm, change the following line (# 688)

 $self->_iSpecArray->{$aName}= New CArgsSpec($aName, $aDefault, $aPattern, 
$aExclusions, $aMandatory, $aRepeatable);


 $self->_iSpecArray->{$aName}= CArgsSpec->New($aName, $aDefault, $aPattern,
$aExclusions, $aMandatory, $aRepeatable);

In the file params.pm, search for the word "New" and replace it with foo->New(); for example, if there is a function New CLogs(), change it to CLog->New().

Take backups of the original files.

Alternatively, you can download File:Perlchanged.zip

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