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What is a Content ID?

A Content ID is a credit to allow you one application signing using Express Signed.

Every time you sign an application, you will use one Content ID from your Symbian Signed account.

You must purchase Content IDs before you can sign your application.

Each content ID costs €10.

Depending on the location of the purchaser, we may be legally obliged to add UK VAT onto the cost of a Content ID. VAT-registered organisations should be able to claim this VAT portion of the cost back.

How do I buy Content IDs?

When logged into your account on the Symbian Signed site, from the "My Symbian Signed" tab, you will see an option in the left-hand menu - "Express Signed Content IDs".

From this link, you will be able to check the balance of Content IDs on your account, and purchase more.

Content IDs cannot be transferred between accounts.

Payment for Content IDs is made using PayPal.

What if the content IDs don't show in my account?

Sometimes there can be a short delay (up to 1 hour) between the purchase of Content IDs, and the content IDs being available in your account.

For this reason, we advise that you purchase content IDs in advance of signing.

If the content IDs are still not available in your account after one hour, please contact the Symbian Signed team at Nokia (symbian.signed@nokia.com) to resolve this for you.

If you raise a PayPal dispute for undelivered content IDs, we are unable to add them to your account until the PayPal dispute is resolved, and so it is quicker if you contact us directly when we can usually fix this for you within 24 hours.

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