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Custom Drop Down Menu

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This article demonstrates how to create drop down menu using Qt Quick/QML Elements.

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Devices(s): N950/N9
Platform(s): MeeGo/Qt 4.7
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Created: somnathbanik (20 Sep 2011)
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We can use built-in ToolBar Element to create a toolbar with drop down menu, but in this article we will create custom toolbar on top of the screen with drop down menu.

Drop Down Menu

Idea to Implementation

We create a ToolBar.qml file with a fixed rectangle and gradient color and set an icon for the drop down menu.


import Qt 4.7
Item {
id: toolbar
width: parent.width
height: 50
signal menuClicked()
z: 1
Rectangle {
id: menubar
y: 0
height: 50
x: 0
width: parent.width
state: "shown"
gradient: Gradient {
GradientStop { position: 0.08; color: "lightblue" }
GradientStop { position: 0.5; color: "grey" }
GradientStop { position: 1.0; color: "black" }
Image {
id: menuButton
source: "menuicons/menu_icon.png" //
x: parent.width - width - 10
anchors.verticalCenter: parent.verticalCenter
opacity: quitIcon.pressed ? 0.5 : 1.0
MouseArea {
id: quitIcon
width: parent.width + 20
height: parent.height + 20
anchors.centerIn: parent
onClicked: {
Image {
source: "menuicons/bottom_shadow.png"
width: parent.width

In main.qml we call the ToolBar and set the state of menu (see MainMenu.qml) to hidden and shown on onMenuClicked action.


  ToolBar {
id: toolBar
onMenuClicked: {
if(menu.state!="shown") {
menu.state = "shown";
} else {
menu.state = "hidden";

We add a rectangle to display the changing image on each menu clicked. By default we set to a particular image to the image source.

id: thumbnailsRect
width: 150
height: 113
x: 350
Image {
id: thumbnailsImage
source: "thumbnails/1.jpeg"

To create the menus, first we create MainMenu.qml. In main rectangle we creates two rows inside one column. Inside the rows we implement the menu icon (see MenuIcon.qml). On clicking the menu items it calls the changeImage() function which changes the display image on the screen.

function changeImage(aImageName) 
thumbnailsImage.source = aImageName;

Source Code

The full source code of the example is available here:

Note.pngNote: The files MenuIcon.qml and MainMenu.qml are not added in this article page, please refer to the source code for the same.

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