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Customizing the look and feel of Command menu items using Java ME

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This article demonstrates how to customize the look and feel of Command menu items.}}


There is no way to customize commands using standard LCDUI components.

You can, however, customize your application's GUI with a third-party package; one of the most notable is J2ME Polish, which you can find at
It implements the MVC framework, allowing you to separate your business logic code from the application UI. This means that you can use J2ME Polish components, create new ones based on existing components, and use skins so your application can have different look and feel without making you change the source code. Note, however, that Nokia Technical Support System cannot give support for the tool since it is a third-party framework.

If the standard LCDUI components or the third-party UI packages do not provide an acceptable solution for you, you can create the whole user interface from scratch using the Canvas class. In this case you need to take care of rendering all the UI components on the screen and implementing their behaviour yourself. You also need emulate the user selecting a command by checking the softkey presses instead of using the CommandListener approach.

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