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PHP can be used for many purpose, one of those are connections to the database. Using the PHP the hole database structure can be created and edited. Variables can be used, so HTML forms can be used to add information to the database. PHP is also fast way to create several similar database structures. Only few local variables need to edit on the configuration file.

Here is example to create the table to the database:

include 'config.php';
include 'opendb.php';
$query = 'CREATE TABLE hoppy (car VARCHAR(20), model VARCHAR(20),
year VARCHAR(4), horsepower VARCHAR(4), torx VARCHAR(4))'
$result = mysql_query($query);
include 'closedb.php';
echo "You created a new table hoppy.<br />";

Code has included three (3) configuration files (config.php, opendb.php, closedb.php), which information are needed to connect or close the connection to the database. Files information can be also added directly to the code, but this way makes it more clear and simple to use. Also information on one file is more simple to change than huge amount of files.


// example of config.php
$dbhost = 'localhost';
$dbuser = 'username';
$dbpass = 'password';
$dbname = 'phptest';


// This is an example opendb.php
$conn = mysql_connect($dbhost, $dbuser, $dbpass) or die ('Error connecting to mysql');


// an example of closedb.php

When are created the table, it would be nice to put something inside it Here are used very simple HTML form to do it.

Example HTML form

<title>Form output by PHP</title>
<form method="POST" action="inputform.php">
Car <input type="text" name="car" size="20">
Model <input type="text" name="model" size="20">
Year <input type="text" name="year" size="20">
Horsepower <input type="text" name="horsepower" size="4">
Torx <input type="text" name="torx" size="3">
<input type="submit" value="Submit">

HTML form is calling the inputform.php, which insert the data the database


include 'config.php';
include 'opendb.php';
$car = $_POST['car'];
$model = $_POST['model'];
$year = $_POST['year'];
$horsepower = $_POST['horsepower'];
$torx = $_POST['torx'];
$query = "INSERT INTO hobby (car, model, year, horsepower, torx)
VALUES ('$car', '$model', '$year', '$horsepower', '$torx')"
mysql_query($query) or die('Error, insert query failed');
include 'closedb.php';
echo "You insert ". $car . " " . $item . ".<br />";
echo "Thank you for inserting information to my database";

It would also be nice to see that does that code really added something to the database. We can use PHP to check the content of the database.

This PHP code select all the table information on the alphabetical order by "car" and print out information on the table format


include 'config.php';
include 'opendb.php';
$query = "select * from hobby order by car";
$result = mysql_query($query);
<table cellspacing=0 cellpadding=4 border=1>
for($counter = 0; $counter < mysql_num_rows($result); $counter++) {
<td><?php echo mysql_result($result,$counter,"car")?></td>
<td><?php echo mysql_result($result,$counter,"model")?></td>
<td><?php echo mysql_result($result,$counter,"year")?> </td>
<td><?php echo mysql_result($result,$counter,"horsepower")?> </td>
<td><?php echo mysql_result($result,$counter,"torx")?> </td>
include 'closedb.php';

If you have MySQL, PHP and example Apache installed, you can test these code examples very simple. Only the variable data of the config.php has to checked suitable for your system.

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