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This code snippet shows how to create hotkeys/shortcutkeys in your Symbian C++ application; Shortcut keys allow you to invoke a commands using arbitrary key-press combinations, and are useful for applications that run on devices with keyboards.

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Source code

Application shortcut keys are defined in a HOTKEYS resource your application's .rss file.

RESOURCE HOTKEYS r_yourapplicationname_hotkeys
control =
command = EEikCmdExit;
key = "e";

The application's shortcut keys are defined in a HOTKEYS resource, identified by the symbolic ID r_yourapplicationname_hotkeys, which ties in with the symbolic ID given below in the EIK_APP_INFO resource:

RESOURCE TBUF { buf=""; }
menubar = r_yourapplicationame_menubar;
hotkeys = r_yourapplicationame_hotkeys;

The RSS_SIGNATURE allows to specify version information, but its not used here. The TBUF allows to specify a friendly name for default file, it is also not used here , since this isn't a file-based application.Of more interest is the EIK_APP_INFO resource, which, in this case, identifies the symbolic resource IDs of the menu and shortcut keys.

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