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This article becomes obsolete as the Symbian Signed service was closed.

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What is a Developer Certificate?

Developer Certificates (DevCerts) are required to develop and test applications that use the more sensitive platform security capabilities. Apps signed with a DevCert can have more capabilities than self-signed applications, but can only be installed on the device(s) specified when the certificate was created.

An application signed with a developer certificate issued by Symbian Signed can be installed on device only if the following conditions are met:

  • the certificate is valid at install time
  • the device IMEI is added to the list of supported devices stored in the certificate
  • the application has a development range UID (0xExxxxxx) or a protected UID (0x2xxxxxxx) which is allocated to the same developer account for which the certificate was also issued

An unverified Symbian Signed account can request a DevCert locked to up to 10 devices (IMEIs). Company accounts (verified) can be request a DevCert locked to up to 1000 devices. Tables showing the number of IMEIs and the capabilities that can be granted by Symbian Signed are given in User guide: Symbian Signed

Tip.pngTip: It is also possible to obtain a developer certificate from Nokia Publish. It is in fact mandatory to do so if you are using Nokia Publish free signing offer instead of using Symbian Signed's certification scheme, since the application UIDs managed by Nokia Publish cannot be signed with Symbian Signed issued developer certificates.

How do I get a DevCert?

A step-by-step guide to obtaining a developer certificate can be found in the Symbian Signed User Guide.

What can I do with a DevCert once I have one?

You can keep the Developer Certificate locally and use it to sign multiple applications. Each app you sign will be bound by the same IMEI restrictions as the original certificate. Applications signed using the DevCert will be valid for 36 months following issue of the certificate. Make sure to download a new certificate each time you add a new IMEI to your list of supported devices or after each allocation of a new protected UID.

What are Open Signed Offline and Open Signed Online

These are discontinued processes for obtaining and/or signing applications with a DevCert.

As any developer or end user can now create a login to the Symbian Signed site and obtain a DevCert, they are no longer required.

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