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Below is a simple HTML code example for embedding 3GP video in a webpage. You can opt to start playback immediately after page load, and choose whether to provide playback controls or not. By defining the height and width, you can ensure that the page layout does not break during the rendering.

<embed src="filename.3gp" width="320" height="240" autoplay="true" controller="true" type="video/3gpp"></embed>

It may not be enough to declare this in the HTML code. The server should be configured to serve .3gp files as MIME type video/3gpp. If you have problems to do this, check that your server is configured correctly for the 3GP MIME type

This will work on every Symbian device with browser 7 or better.

Flash Lite can be a valid alternative to embedding the video in the page. Flash Lite 3 is available from S60 Feature Pack 2 onwards on devices such as the Nokia N96 and as firmware upgrades to selected FP1 devices. For an up-to-date list of Nokia devices and the supported Flash version, see our device specifications page and use the filters at the top of the page.

For more information on Flash Lite 3 video capabilities, see Adobe.com.

Early S60 devices used mainly the Real Player for movie playback. With Real Player content, when a link is clicked, the video is either downloaded to the device and launched, or streamed from the server (depending on the format). Newer S60 devices, based on S60 3rd Edition, additionally allow embedding and playing back the video directly as a part of the web page.

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