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Created: symbianyucca (16 May 2010)
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DrY Accordion component is based on the Guarana busy components implementation. Basically it is supposed to be used as a busy/waiting note when UI interaction should be disabled during some processing.

Following code snipped shows how to show busy note for 5 seconds

var busy = new dry.Busy({
autoOpen: true,
hidden: dialogHidden,
destroyed: dialogDestroyed,
backgroundColor: "green",
opacity: 0.38,
styleTweaker: styleTweaker
}, 'BusyDiv1');
var deleteLoader = function(){
busy1 = null;

The constructor of the busy components takes two argument, the second on eis the name of the div where the note is to be added in. And the first on eis struct defining values fort he note:

  • autoOpen: true/false, defines whether the note is opened when it is constructed,
  • hidden: call back called when the note is hidden,
  • destroyed: call back called when the note is deleted,
  • backgroundColor: color name for the note’s background,
  • opacity: opacity value fort he background,
  • styleTweaker: style tweaker used fort he component
  • buttons: Additional Dry button array for the note


WRT example at Wiki: DrY Busy.zip
Go to DrY Index

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