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Created: firt (13 Apr 2007)
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ECMAScript Mobile Profile (ESMP) is a syntantic subset of ECMAScript very similar to JavaScript to provide added intelligence to a mobile device using a XHTML MP website.

ECMAScript MP is based on ECMAScript defined by ECMA 262 (Supported with minor exceptions).

It is also a superset of WMLScript, the script language used in conjuntion with WML. ECMAScript MP replaces key scripting functionalities lost in conversion from WML to XHTML. ECMAScript MP also supports all functionality found in WMLScript.


With ESMP, you can:

  • Check the validity of user input data (forms validation).
  • Apply mathematic and procedural logic locally to the input data.
  • Providing access to the facilities of the device.
  • Generate messages and dialogs locally without server interaction.
  • Dynamic creation and/or modification of documents on the client using DOM.
  • With some browsers you can make asynchronous calls to the server using AJAX technology.
  • Acces to proprietary functional interfaces, like local facilities, local persistent store, Phonebook, bookmarks, calendar, sms, etc.
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