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Emulator Startup Modes in S60 5th Edition SDK

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Created: vasant21 (10 Nov 2008)
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S60 5th Edition SDK provides two startup modes for the emulator:

  1. Partial (Default) - Indicated by "P" on the emulator skin.
  2. Full - Indicated by "F" on the emulator skin.


Partial Startup Mode

The advantage of starting up in Partial Mode is Decreased Emulator Startup Time, but on the other hand the Disadvantage is that lot of Platform Services are not started, hence your application may not work/behave as intended and might encounter problems.

Partial Startup Mode.JPG

Full Startup Mode

The advantage in Full Startup Mode is that all the required services are loaded during startup, but it takes much more time for startup compared to Partial Startup Mode.

Full Startup Mode.JPG

List of Services Affected

  1. MMS Notification Event in utilities does not work in Partial Startup mode.
  2. No Send option for images and business card in Partial mode.
  3. Sending files between emulator and device through bluetooth does not work in Partial mode.
  4. New message shortcut in the Idle screen does not work in Partial mode.
  5. TimeZone Server disabled in Partial Mode.
  6. Hardware Resource Management Server disabled in Partial Mode.
  7. The Nokia Splash screen and S60 Animation disabled in Partial Mode.
  8. The Key Pad autolock disabled in Partial Mode.
  9. Voice commands disabled in Partial Mode.
  10. Push to Talk over Cellular disabled in Partial Mode.
  11. Screensaver Service disabled in Partial Mode.

Enabling/Disabling Startup Modes

- In Emulator Menu Bar :

 Tools > Preferences > General Settings > Start minimal set of services for Partial Mode
 Tools > Preferences > General Settings > Start all services for Full Startup Mode

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