Error Examples for Carbide.C++ Beginners

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Created: pacala_ba (12 Jul 2008)
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Here, in the examples:



ERROR: Cannot find file : AppName_reg.rsc

In AppName.PKG/AppName.MMP check the Output location of AppName_reg.RSC

ERROR: AppName.d does not exist

In AppName.MMP is DOUBLE-DEFINITION for AppName.rss/AppName_reg.rss

SOURCE AppName.rss // WRONG In AppName.MMP

SOURCE AppName_reg.rss // WRONG In AppName.MMP


ERROR: cannot convert file to unicode

They are UNICODE-characters in your CODE (CopyRight(C)-sign,...),but there is in Carbide <NONE-SEARCH-ENGINE-FOR-UNICODES>.

ERROR: Cannot find file : AppName.exe

In AppName.PKG check Input/Output PATH, SEE -> ERROR 5.

ERROR: file I/O fault.(makesis)

In AppName.PKG check Input/Output PATH

OLD-error... "..\..\..\..\epoc32\release\gcce\urel\AppName.EXE" -"!:\sys\bin\AppName.EXE"

NEW-ok......."$(EPOCROOT)epoc32\release\$(PLATFORM)\$(TARGET)\AppName.EXE" -"!:\sys\bin\AppName.EXE" $(EPOCROOT) — the location of the epoc32 folder but not including the epoc32 folder $(PLATFORM) — platform designator, for example: ARMI, WINSC (Emulator) , GCCE, THUMB, etc. $(TARGET) — target designator UDEB (Debug) or UREL (Release)

(33) : ERROR: installation header already found

In AppName.PKG is (#)ifdef WINSCW... WRONG for PKG-File

ERROR: undefined reference to <ObjectName>...

Example: lightcontroller.cpp:(.text+0x60): undefined reference to `CHWRMLight::NewL(MHWRMLightObserver*)'.

In AppName.MMP Add Reference to Appropriate Library (Carbide; HELP; SearchFor'Class CHWRMLight'; Result -> CHWRMLight Class Reference; Link against: HWRMLightClient.lib ) LIBRARY HWRMLightClient.lib

ERROR: Undefined symbol:

Example:Undefined symbol: 'void TApaTask::EndTask(void) (?EndTask@TApaTask@@QAEXXZ)'

In AppName.MMP Add Reference to Appropriate Library (Carbide; HELP; SearchFor'Class TApaTask'; Result -> Link against: apgrfx.lib ) LIBRARY apgrfx.lib

ERROR: * RCOMP failed,...

ERROR: * RCOMP failed - deleting output files ERROR: Cannot convert "R_..." to a number (AppName_reg.rss) ERROR: `R_...undeclared (first use this function) ERROR: AppName.rsg: No such file or directory (AppName_reg.rss) ERROR: Link name not found AppName.rss Result -> In AppName.H,AppName.HRH,AppName.RSS,AppName_REG.RSS check FUNCTION-NAMES,they are VERY-CASE-SENSITIV.

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