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Eshell on S60 5th edition SDK

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Created: croozeus (08 Oct 2008)
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Eshell is included by default in the lately released S60 5th edition SDK. Eshell is a text shell or a command line program which runs on the emulator. It allows applications to be launched from a command line on the emulator and is provided for testing purposes. EShell supports most of typical commands. Thus, EShell is a small application that is provided by Symbian and is very similar in look and feel to a conventional DOS prompt.

Eshell 5th applications.jpg

Eshell commands

Basic commands used in the eshell are listed in the table below, with their functions

Commands Functions of Commands
ATTRIB Displays or changes file attributes
CD Changes current directory for a drive
CHKDEPS Check the dependencies of an executable or a DLL (ARM only)
CHKDSK Check disk for corruption
COPY Copy one (or more) file(s)
DEL Delete one file
DIR Show directory contents
FORMAT Format a disk
GOBBLE Create a file
HEXDUMP Display the contents of a file in Hexadecimal
LABEL Set or return the volume label
MD Make new directory
MOVE Move files
PS Display information about processes
RENAME Rename a file
RD Delete one directory
START Run a program in separate window
TIME Displays the system time
TRACE Set the debug trace mark
TREE Graphically display directory structure
TYPE Display contents of a text file
VNAME Check whether a filename is valid or not. Returns any invalid character.
LOCK Lock a password enabled media
UNLOCK Unlock a password enabled media
CLEAR Clear password from password -enable media
SETSIZE Set size of a file
DeBUGPORT Set or Degub port
PLUGIN Manage Plugins
DRVINFO Print information on about present drive(s) in the system


Below are some screenshots of Eshell, trying some commands (Time and DRVINFO) on 5th edition SDK.

Eshell 5thEdition.jpg Eshell 1 5th.jpg

Eshell 2 5th.jpg Eshell 3 5th.jpg

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