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Etel Core API

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Etel Core API

The ETel Core API defines an interface that allows clients to access a limited set of almost universally accepted telephony functionality, independent of the telephony device being used.The Etel Core API is declared in etel.h and exterror.h.

This basically has four important concepts:

  • Root Session
  • Phone
  • Line
  • Call
  • Extension APIs

Root Session

The root session basically provides access to the system telephony information, mainly the available devices and TSYs.To access functionality associated with a specific phone, the client must open a sub-session for that phone.

The interface of root session is through RTelServer class.

class RTelServer : public RSessionbase;


The phone abstracts a particular telephony device. The interface allows the client to access the status and capabilities of the device and to be notified if these change.

The phone interface is provided by RPhone.

class RPhone : public RTelSubSessionBase;


A phone can have one or more lines. Similarly to the phone, clients can access the status and capabilities of a line, and can be notified if these change. The interface of Line is through RLine class.

class RLine : public RTelSubSessionBase


Lines can have zero or more active calls. A call has the functionality to dial a number, to wait for an incoming call, and to hang up. And a client can get status and capabilities information and can be notified of changes.

The call interface is provided by RCall.

Extension APIs

The ETel Multimode API extends the ETel Core API to offer access to common mobile telephony services for a number of air-interface cellular standards. The supported standards are:

  • GSM
  • GPRS
  • EDGE
  • 3GPP
  • CDMA
  • 3GPP2 CDMA2000 1x

Other Extension APIs

  • SIM Application Toolkit (Etelsat.h, satcs.h)
  • Dial (dial.h)
  • PhoneBook Synchronizer (phbksync.h)
  • Fax Client (cfax32.h, etel.h, faxdefn.h, faxset.h, faxstd.h)
  • Fax Header Line (cfaxio.h)
  • Fax Store (faxstore.h)


How to load a TSY module


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