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In order to ensure that the applications submitted for Express Signed comply with the test criteria a random selection of applications will be selected for audit post-signing.

The selected application will be tested against the Criteria by a Symbian-Signed-appointed Test House. The cost of this testing is covered by the fees charged for using Express Signed, and so the developer has no additional charge if selected for audit.

In order to keep the random nature of audit selection the algorithm by which applications are selected for audit is not published.

Developers who check their application against the test criteria before submission to Express Signed, and who cooperate with Symbian Signed to discuss any problems during the audit, should have absolutely no problems in passing the audit and using Express Signed to sign their applications.

If you fail to support Symbian Signed and the test house in testing your application when it's selected for audit, then your application will fail the audit.

What to do if your app is selected for audit

You will see the status of your application change to "In Audit" if it's selected. If the Test House need extra information from you to help them test your application, then they will contact you by email to get that information.

You must reply to this email to give the test house the information they request. If you ignore this email you will fail the audit.

When the audit is complete a test report will be published in your account on symbiansigned.com

What happens with the results?

Symbian review the results of all audits once per week.

If the status of application is moved to "Approved" then this means that the audit is complete and no further action is necessary.

If the status of the application is moved to "Rejected" then Symbian Signed will send you an email to explain what happens next. This means that you have failed the audit and Symbian will contact you to explain what will happen at that point.

What happens if I fail the audit?

If the audit is failed - either because of the test results or because you do not reply to emails from the Test House or Symbian Signed - then Symbian Signed will decide what action to take.

In almost all cases, the Symbian Signed Team will contact you to explain why you failed the audit and give you one week in which to respond.

For all but the most serious failures, Symbian Signed will work with you to help you understand what you must do to avoid failing audits in future.

If you fail to respond to Symbian's request to discuss the failure, or if the failure of the test criteria is particularly serious, then Symbian may remove Express Signed access from your account. If this happens, there will be no refund of the Content ID used to submit the rejected application.

You can avoid this happening by cooperating with Symbian Signed and the Test House throughout the process and by working with Symbian to fix any problems identified during testing.

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