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This help page explains how to create a new page on the wiki. Anybody who has logged in with a valid Nokia Developer User Account can create a new page.

How to Create a New Page

There are two ways to create new pages on the wiki.

The first way is to a follow an internal link to a page that does not yet exist (these links are displayed in red) - you will be prompted to create the page. You can create your own links using the double bracket syntax: [[The name of your new article]] in an existing article.

The second way is to Search for the name of the page you want to create (use the Go button below). If the page does not exist you'll be prompted to create it.

Think before you create a page

  • Avoid creating duplicate topics. First search the wiki for similar topics
  • Avoid creating new articles where extending an existing article would be more effective
  • Give the article an unambiguous title, particularly when a similar topic may be written for different platforms or development frameworks

When creating the page

  • If you're creating an article from a link in an existing page, then the page will have some expectation of the new article's content. Check that the content of the new article is aligned (you can use the What Links Here link in the sidebar toolbox to find all linking articles).
  • Work out how your article will be discovered (particularly if it isn't linked from other articles). Ensure you apply sensible categories, and possibly also create links to your new article in related articles on the wiki.
  • Check the Style guide for pointers on wording - but don't get too bothered with writing ability. Generally others will help out in improving the standard of writing.

Tip.pngTip: New articles are added to Category:Draft by default, which removes them from dynamically generated category lists. When your article is completed, remove the Draft category and replace that with the final categories for the article.

The important thing is to contribute. This is your library - your effort and input is needed to make it useful.