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See below for a number of "official" icons that are used to highlight common areas of the wiki. These are often used in wiki templates rather than being displayed directly - where an image has an associated template it is linked from the image title below. Feel free to use the icons in your articles, where appropriate.

Help.png - Help and Guidance Network.png - Network and Connectivity
Warning.png - Alert or Warning messages User-polls-and-questions.png - User Polls and Questions
Featured-article.png - Featured Articles Testing-and-usability.png - Testing and Useability
Contact.png - Contact Themes.png - Themes
Games.png - Games Upload-and-app.png - Upload and Application
Announcements.png - Announcements and events Location-and-navigation.png - Location and Navigation
Music.png - Music and Audio Moved-page.png - Moved Page
Note.png - Note Tip.png - Tip
Archived.png - Archived Delete-me.png - Delete
Reviewer-approved.png - Reviewer approved Trails.png - Trails
Underconstruction.png - Under Construction Needs-update.png - Needs Update

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