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The manager of the Nokia Developer Wiki is Ron Liechty. He can be contacted: ron.liechty@nokia.com

The project manager during the initial set up and testing phase is Stephen Ellis. He can be contacted: stephen.d.ellis@nokia.com

The Nokia Developer Wiki will be managed by Ron in the first instance, during the first phase of its launch. When the Wiki reaches a certain momentum, the proposal is that a management board be appointed, with board members voted in for fixed term.

A management board will be responsible for overseeing the operation of the Wiki. This will be made up from the active members of the developer community, as well as from Nokia. Part of the management boards responsibility will be the appointment of Moderators.


Moderators are a larger group of people who are responsible for the content of the wiki's. Their responsibilities include:

  • Monitoring the additions and edits to the wiki's
  • Removing any Nokia Confidential material from the Nokia Developer Wiki
  • Removing duplicated or dead content
  • Cleaning up articles to follow the guidelines
  • Helping users with questions and instructing on best practices
  • Selecting and implementing any changes to the way the wiki is used

Also it is their job when requested to:

  • Deleting articles or categories;
  • Rename articles or categories (in misleading or mis-spelt)
  • Turning articles into categories, and vice versa.

Moderators therefore have Administrator privileges in the wiki's, which allows them to delete pages.

Subject experts

While the main moderators manage the general purpose, content and feel of the Nokia Developer Wiki, they will probably not be able to verify all the technical content that is added there. All users of the Nokia Developer Wiki should contribute their specialized knowledge to ensure that the information it contains is relevant and correct. However, it is likely that some users who have expertise in particular areas will in practice contribute more to maintaining the information regarding those areas.

Thus, if anyone feels like they could contribute to moderating the Forum Noia Wiki, for instance as the subject expert of a subset of the pages, they are more than welcome to contact the moderators. These users can be promoted to moderators.

A list of Subject experts will be posted here. (TODO)


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