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Face SDK for Windows Phone 7

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The article describes a brief explanation of Microsoft Research's Face SDK for Windows Phone 7.

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Created: vineet.jain (07 Aug 2013)
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Face SDK beta for Windows Phone is a project from Microsoft Research which lets users to create various facial recognition based apps by processing the facial images.

The following features are available within this SDK:

  • Face Detection: Given an image, this module tries to detect all faces from it and returns a list of rectangles indicating the face positions. The detection algorithm automatically handles the illumination changes as well as different face view angles.
  • Face Alignment: This module tries to locate the face components (eyes, brows, mouth, nose, etc) and to return either component centers or component outlines.
  • Face Tracking: This module locates the face position in real-time in a live video stream. User can use the head movement (turning left/right, etc.) to interact with a Windows Phone.
  • cartoon generation : This module creates a personalized cartoon portrait from a single image. User can customize the portrait by selecting different styles or applying different templates.

At time of writing the Face SDK is available only available for Windows Phone 7.

Licensing information

Developers can utilize the SDK in their own apps and those apps can be published on Windows Phone app store!. This contrasts with Project Hawaii (also from Microsoft Research) which does not allow users to make the apps public based on the SDK.

Warning.pngWarning: Read the Face SDK licencing agreement carefully before including the SDK in your own apps.

Some Examples

The SDK comes up with sample apps showcasing the features listed in the introduction.

In addition, Microsoft Research has published some apps to showcase how cool & awesome apps can be developed using the SDK:

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