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Week 23 - June 3rd 2012

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Top developers are generating 30,000 - 50,000 Euros per month in Nokia Store with In-App Advertising. This video gives a quick overview of the key concepts and terms you need to know, as well as the step-by-step process to get started making money today. Inneractive's In-App Advertising SDK for your Qt or Java-based apps can be integrated with a couple of lines of code. In a short time, you can monetize your apps to take advantage of Nokia's unparalleled geographic coverage (190 markets with Nokia Store) and massive global reach (with over 800 Million addressable devices) to monetize your apps.

Additionally, the Microsoft In-App Advertising solution for Windows Phone is also available for your use.

Go to for more information.

Week 21 - May 20th 2012

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Over twenty ready-made QML graphical effect elements are currently available. The effects include code for blending, masking, blurring, coloring, and much more. There are still areas to improve and extend — all ideas, feedback, proposals and even concrete contributions are welcome!

For more information, please check Qt Graphical Effects in Qt Labs.

Week 20 - May 13th 2012

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"Remoter" is a Qt-based app which lets you remotely control your computer via virtual touchpad and keyboard. It's a clever way to control slide presentations, music, videos, browse the web, or write text without needing to be near your PC. Remoter has already exceeded 1.2 million downloads in the Nokia Store.

The app was created by Zlatko Stapic and Boris Tomaš, teaching assistants from the Faculty of Organization and Informatics (FOI) in Croatia, as a model for their students how to program an app from scratch using Qt and Qt Quick Components. They found Qt Quick Components really useful when making the UI look professional and modern.

They have now taken the learnings from their Qt development to port to other platforms including the recently released Remoter for Windows Marketplace. For more information check out:

Week 19 - May 6th 2012

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Listen to the INdT team in Brazil about how they used Qt to make a multiplayer and cross-device game using mobiles devices as the controllers.


Week 18 - April 29th 2012

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The Custom VideoPlayer is a reusable QML component for video playback. It supports different resolutions, transparent overlay components, and also allows the user to show or hide the play controls. Mobile application developers can easily embed this component into their Qt Quick applications. See how the component is used in the Media Browser and Video Streamer example applications provided by Nokia.

The Custom QML VideoPlayer is hosted at , where you can find implementation notes and source code, and also contribute to the project.

Week 17 - April 22nd 2012

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This Surveillance Camera example app demonstrates the usage of Nokia's Notifications API. The Notifications API lets you add real-time push notifications to your client applications.

This example consists of two mobile apps. The Windows Phone Silverlight application uses Service API to send push notifications to a Qt Quick app in a Symbian device. In this example the Silverlight application is the actual surveillance camera and seeks movements in the camera viewfinder. The Qt application receives alert notifications from the Silverlight application when movement happens. Both applications authenticate into Notifications Service for sending and receiving alert notifications.

This example is here: Surveillance camera

Week 16 - April 15th 2012

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Andrew Knight shares technical tips about debugging your Nokia Series 40 web apps. Using the Nokia web tools development environment, Andrew gives you a quick and informative look at how to debug web apps on Nokia Series 40 phones, including the new Asha range. Learn more here:

Week 15 - April 8th 2012

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Match'em Poker is a Nokia showcase example application that demonstrates an efficient way to implement a sprite-based 2D game using custom animations with Open GL ES 2.0.

This project studies porting of an OpenGL ES game from iOS to the Qt platform using Qt GameEnabler with minimal efforts, and similar porting to Windows Phone/XNA as well.

The Match'em Poker game is a 'match 3' type game where you can switch the cards on a grid to form different poker hands in any direction. Fill the score meter to advance to the next level. The score meter drops continuously with time. If it reaches zero, the game is over.

This example is hosted in and

Week 14 - April 1st 2012

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This 'how to' video shows you some common pitfalls you may stumble across when designing apps for Symbian, and using the Qt Quick Components. The pitfalls are also discussed in the Symbian Design Guidelines library found here:

Be sure to check the Remote Device Access service for testing your applications:

Week 13 - March 25th 2012

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Launched two years ago by Spain's El Mundo, Orbyt offers digital news content to consumers on a variety of platforms, including a new app for Nokia Lumia Windows Phones. They decided to create a mobile application because their readers are changing their habits when it comes to how they get news and information. Now they can access news, as well as video and photo galleries, in a way that is impossible to get from a traditional newspaper.

According to Enrique Rivas, Product Manager of Unidad Editorial, individuals can download the newspaper that they want to read in one minute, and then enjoy the content wherever they are, even without an internet connection.

Rivas says there are two things that make the new app unique. One is the power of the brands that individuals can find inside the app; and the other is the features of Windows Phone that enhance the app, including the Metro panorama experience. "It is totally different from the features that other operating systems have at the moment," says Rivas. "It enhances the app, and creates a very good user experience for our readers."

"The partnership between Nokia and Microsoft is definitely a good idea," says Rivas. "Two leaders in the sector known for being innovative and working together they have only one possibility: success."

Week 12 - March 18th 2012

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This video will show you simple methods for taking the idea for your next app, and getting it on paper. From there, you can utilize various software to make your prototype a reality. Adobe Illustrator is one solution for this. Other tools used in the video are Balsamiq and Inkscape

Be sure to check out the Nokia Icon Toolkit for some ready-made icons you can use in your app. With the Visual design stencils you can easily sketch how your app would look like.

Week 11 - March 11th 2012

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Marco Argenti, Senior Vice President of Developer Experience at Nokia gave a keynote address at the Nokia Developer Day during Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona, Spain. Marco highlighted the results stemming from Nokia's strategy, based on two key pillars of "Winning with Microsoft" and "Connecting the next billion", noting that "We made huge progress on both."

The great momentum in mobile apps and in Nokia Store is continuing. The Store now sees 13 million downloads per day, up from three million per day one year ago. Among those downloads, 30% come from Series 40, which represents 250% growth in the past year. As of February 2012, there have been more than 1 Billion Series 40 downloads.

As Marco stated, "The changes we're making at Nokia are really starting to bear fruit," adding that "with our partners, we're delivering great and tangible results, and we're bringing great new products to market."

He told developers in attendance: "We want to help you build your business on great platforms." See how easy it is to get started developing apps for Nokia phones and visit:

Week 10 - March 4th 2012

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Founded in 1976, El País is the leading newspaper in Spain, with 400,000 copies printed during the week, and two million unique users online everyday, notes Borja Echevarría, Deputy Editor at El País.

"From the development experience, we realized there is a more homogeneous user experience by leveraging the functionality that Windows Phone [enables] within the development kit," says Jesús Moreno, Digital Content Director for El País. There are multiple sections of the newspaper available within the app, and the user can drag and drop the order that those sections will be displayed. The Metro panorama feature in the app allows for an easy to browse experience between both news stories and different sections. Users can pin different sections of the paper to the home screen as a Live Tile, and there is full-screen video content. Consumers can download stories to read offline, too.

"We are very happy with the final application," says Moreno. "It is a very clean, efficient, and practical-to-use application in order to read news every day."

Find out how to get started developing apps for Nokia Lumia Windows Phones:

Week 9 - February 26th 2012

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David Crawford, User Experience Consultant at Microsoft, discusses the most common design hurdles facing Windows Phone developers, and provides tips and tricks to avoid common pitfalls. Crawford also discusses best practices for branding applications.

Week 8 - February 19th 2012

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Mike Arvela, Lead Developer at Futurice, provides an overview of the Nokia SDK 1.1 for Java. The SDK offers an emulator based on the Nokia Asha 303, and provides you with features to take full advantage of in-app purchasing. In addition to rich touch UIs, Mike covers the new testing features offered by the SDK, such as the ability to set simulated battery level and preview video in landscape mode.

Week 7 - February 12th 2012

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The cofounders of Pico Brothers, Niklas Karlström and Kristian Engsjö, talk about all aspects of their apps business. The guys met while working at a telecoms company. Spurred on by the launch of Nokia Store (now Nokia Store) they took a bold leap into apps development, something that Kristian described as "exciting, and challenging, and a bit scary". But it took them only a couple of months to get to grips with developing for mobile phones. They now create most of their apps using Qt, in anything from a few hours to a month. Having already passed the 80 million download milestone they are looking forward to achieving 100 million downloads.

Week 6 - February 5th 2012

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The Nokia development team shares technical tips on coding interactive map and geolocation services for the Series 40 platform. Using the Nokia web tools development environment, Andrew Knight gives you a quick and informative look at the map-based application possibilities available to you when developing for Nokia Series 40 phones, including the new Asha range. Learn more here:

Week 5 - January 29th 2012

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Andrew Sinkov, Vice President of Marketing and Damian Mehers, Senior Software Engineer at Evernote, talk about developing their mobile Evernote app. This Windows Phone app makes it easy for consumers to store memories as pictures, audio, or however they arise, wherever they arise. These memories are then stored safely and available to the consumer, over the web, on any device. Damian talks about how Nokia and Microsoft helped from the very beginning in creating Evernote for Windows Phone, including providing feedback on the app before it was released. Learn more here:

Week 4 - January 22nd 2012

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Reza Alizadeh, an Architect Evangelist at Microsoft focused on Windows Phone, spoke at the AT&T Developer Summit that took place during the International Consumer Electronics Show 2012 in Las Vegas, where he gave an in-depth tutorial about how to build a top Windows Phone app. Reza shared ideas for how to gain visibility with your mobile app, and increase user retention. He demonstrated quick ways to take advantage of integration options available for Windows Phone, including: Pictures Hub Extensions; Music and Video Hub Integration; and via App Connect to integrate with Bing Search. He also demonstrated how to easily create Live Tiles and Secondary Tiles for your mobile app, and much more. See how easy it is to develop your top app for Nokia Lumia smartphones:

Week 3 - January 15th 2012

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More and more developers are finding Windows Phone an ideal platform on which to develop and deliver their apps. Leading service providers and app developers Evernote, Netflix, and Univision talk about how they have leveraged Windows Phone and the Metro UI to deliver unique, easy to use applications that empower and liberate their consumers. With insights from Alfredo Rojas, Andrew Sinkov, Anthony Park, Damian Mehers, and Jose Hernandez; you will discover how leading developers see the partnership between Nokia and Microsoft: Bringing together the best of hardware and software expertise, to deliver a complete and outstanding customer experience.

Week 2 - January 8th 2012

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Kathy Smith, Mobile Manager at Liverpool FC, talks about the club's mobile match and news application ( The app provides fans club news, live text feeds from matches, wallpaper, videos, and other club content. The app was coded for the club by InfoMedia and Operations Manager Sanjay Mistry provides an insight into the use of Qt and the Qt SDK. He notes how Qt Quick made it easy to translate the UX designers vision into reality and how straightforward the Qt APIs are to use, singling out the APIs for video handling in particular. For Liverpool FC, Kathy notes that Nokia has been invaluable in providing advice and phones in the markets Liverpool FC needs to reach its fan base worldwide.

Week 1 - January 1st 2012

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Mike Arvela, Lead Developer at Futurice, explains how to implement In-App Purchasing into an existing application. With Nokia Store achieving over 10 million downloads per day, driving revenue beyond paid downloads is essential. In app purchase helps you open new revenue streams, with virtual goods, subscriptions, try & buy, and beyond. Learn more: