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Featured Videos: 2010

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Week 52 - December 26th 2010

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Anton Gauffin, CEO of BLStream talks with us about developing apps for Nokia devices with Qt in Mountain View, CA.

Anton talks about the success he's seen on Nokia Store with their Crazy Hamster game, developing with Qt and considerations for localizing apps and games.

Week 51 - December 19th 2010

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Qt Quick can be used to create some truly interesting applications. Case in point, the one shown in this video, in which a computer is connected to a car engine and an application monitors stats such as speed and rpm.

Week 50 - December 12th 2010

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This Nokia Developer Interview is with Developer and Nokia Developer Champion, Alessandro Pace, of Kero Mobile. In this video, Alessandro discusses how to protect your Flash content on Nokia devices.

Week 49 - December 5th 2010

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Chief engineer Lucian Tomuta gives a presentation of Cartoon Reader, an example application that uses QtWebKit. He shows us how it's coded and how to combine native code with web technologies like HTML and JavaScript. You can find more free example apps on

Week 48 - November 28th 2010

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User experience is one of the most important success factors of a mobile application. With a high-quality user experience, you increase the commercial potential of your product and reduce support costs. Take a look at what mobile application user experience is all about and what Nokia Developer offers for you to include it into your application development. Check out more at:

Week 47 - November 21st 2010

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Kinematics is a Qt application that uses the GPS in your mobile device to track your position and optionally the position of your friends. Created as an application for cyclists, it can be used in many other environments. The project is hosted on Nokia Developer Projects. This video consists of the application's main developer, Cheah Wei, explaining how the application works and telling us about its main features.

Week 46 - November 14th 2010

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This Nokia Developer Interview is with Nokia Developer Champion, Thomas Perl. In this video, Thomas shares some tips and tricks in regard to accelerating Qt widgets with Open GL and how to split up your existing texture maps while bundling them with your executable.

Week 45 - November 7th 2010

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In this tutorial, you dont even need to touch any code. You simply create the form, add the standard signals and slots and then compile it. When it is compiled you can find it in your debug folder where you saved it.

Try messing around with the properties of the QWidget in the right of the designer and just see how easy it is to program with Qt!

Week 44 - October 31st 2010

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David Ashford of AppsArabia, a supporter of budding mobile application developers, explains what makes an application commercially viable and why distribution channels such as the Nokia Store are vital in getting applications to market.

Week 43 - October 24th 2010

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Creating QML is incredibly fun, but quite often it can be problematic to split up that shiny Photoshop mockup that your designer sent you into a fully usable Qt Quick interface. Wouldn’t it be great if we could automate that process? Watch the video to see how you can use photoshop to export your scene into a single QML-file with an Image or Text element for each layer.

Week 42 - October 17th 2010

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This video gives you a brief introduction to the usage of Qt Quick Designer in Qt Creator. The Qt Quick Designer is a visual editor for (simple) QML files. It is integrated part of the Qt Creator.

Qt Quick is a collection of technologies that are designed to help developers create the kind of intuitive, modern-looking, fluid user interfaces that are increasingly used on mobile phones, media players, set-top boxes and other portable devices.

Week 41 - October 10th 2010

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This video gives you a brief introduction to the usage of this new web-based project management tool called Nokia Developer Projects. There you can easily share your software project and contribute to the other projects. The tools you can utilize there are version control, discussion boards, wikis, ticketing, file share and more. Check out the service at Nokia Developer Projects.

Week 40 - October 3rd 2010

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The video shows the Hackathon event at this year's Nokia World and, in essence, demonstrates Nokia's commitment to helping developers. The event consisted of a contest in which developers were presented with the best ideas for mobile applications and were given the task of making them come to life on the Nokia N8. As VP of Marketing and Services Tom Libretto says, such events are great for stimulating the creation of new content for Nokia devices.

Week 39 - September 26th 2010

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This example application demonstrates the power of Qt Quick when creating user interfaces on mobile devices. The application includes six different demos with various animation effects and a possibility to edit the soure code on-the-fly. The application has been developed and hosted here where you can download the application and the sources or further developer the project. The application is compatible with Maemo and Symbian with the Qt 4.7.0 release. Find more free example apps at: and sell your own apps on Nokia Store,

Week 38 - September 19th 2010

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Kicking off Nokia World with a bang, Niklas Savander, EVP Markets, promised that “Nokia is back”. The introduction of a newly invigorated operating system, a new line-up of smartphones for everyone and improved navigation services marks a company that is ready to dominate the space, he said. Why? Watch the video to find out more!

Week 37 - September 12th 2010

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Swype for Symbian, a new project from Nokia Beta Labs, lets you enter text on your mobile device in a new, interesting way: by tracing a path across the letter you wish to write. There are also other features, such as automatic capitalization, word suggestions, and more.

You can help Beta Labs by testing the application and providing them with you feedback, thus contributing to what is likely to become a standard way of inputting text on future Nokia devices.

Week 36 - September 5th 2010

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Ovi Browser brings rich web browsing to Series 40 devices that's fast, easy, and saves on data charges. The browser is powered by patented cloud-based Internet compression technology that delivers advanced web pages to your phone. As a result, pages show up quicker than ever and over the air data usage is reduced up to 90%. Beyond performance, the browser includes an innovative user interface that makes it easy to access your favorite content directly from the start page without having to hunt through menus. Download it from here:

Week 35 - August 29th 2010

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The Nokia X3 Touch and Type is full of features. It comes with four bands for voice, 3G, HSPA and WiFi for data, a music player and an FM radio. Mobile photographers get a 5-megapixel camera, with 4X digital zoom, which takes both still images and videos. The Communities app will keep you up-to-date with Twitter and Facebook. Read more>>

Week 34 - August 22nd 2010

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One of the reasons that mobile devices are becoming a vital part of our lives is because they allow us to be permanently connected, to get the information we need when we need it. Nokia Point and Find is an excellent example. As shown in the video, simply taking pictures is enough to find out everything you need about something. And that's only the beginning. See everything the application has to offer at

Week 33- August 15th 2010

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Nokia invites developers to apply to the Open Screen Project Fund to get money to create mobile apps and distribute them in more than 190 countries worldwide via Nokia's Nokia Store. In this video you will see the "blueprint" for how it works, and examples to inspire you to apply for funding to create mobile apps for Nokia devices.

The Open Screen Project Fund is still accepting submissions. The Fund is seeking developers who have an idea for a mobile application in any of the following areas: entertainment, business, social networking, productivity, gaming, travel, multimedia, health, finance, weather, sports, news, education, and more.

For more information and to submit your idea for an app, please visit:

Week 32- August 8th 2010

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The MeeGo project is happy to announce "Day 1" of the MeeGo Handset user experience project. Many of you will remember this "Day 1" concept from March, when we first made the MeeGo core OS source code available and started development towards the MeeGo 1.0 release. Today, the handset baseline source code is available to the development community. This code is being actively developed as MeeGo 1.1, which is scheduled for release in October. Read More >>

Week 31- August 1st 2010

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This video is a great introduction to the Qt SDK for Linux developers. Chief engineer Ville Vainio shares his expertise in this video guide. Ville shows how to convert a desktop application, in this case a Reddit reader, to run on the Category:Maemo platform based Nokia N900. After providing a brief introduction to the desktop version, Ville demonstrates how the app can be tailored to the Nokia N900 by adjusting the behaviour of windows, adding a back button and busy indicator, and setting the app to switch orientation as the device is rotated.

Week 30- July 25th 2010

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This video is a great introduction to the Qt SDK for Symbian developers. To illustrate how easy it is to get started creating mobile Qt applications using the Qt SDK, chief engineer Lucian Tomuta shares his expertise in this video guide. Lucian provides an insight into creating apps that run on Symbian devices. He demonstrates how the Qt SDK is installed and a first project created from the Qt calculator example. After running the application in the Qt Simulator, Lucian adapts the application to a mobile device by adjusting the layout and screen use. The optimised application is then run on a Nokia N8.

Week 29 - July 18th 2010

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The video features a face detection/tracking demo that uses the front camera on the Nokia N900. The game is called BurgerFace. You can download it and read more about at

Week 28 - July 11th 2010

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Qt is rapidly becoming an extremely popular technology for developing mobile applications. This video shows how Digia, a leading software company, has used Nokia Developer's new project hosting service, Nokia Developer Projects, for Qt Quick Playground. It gives a quick overview of the service's many facilities that can help you and your team work on your projects very efficiently.

Week 27 - July 4th 2010

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Nokia Smart Installer for Symbian is a deployment solution designed to ensure that although packaged in a small installer kit (*.sis file) an application can be deployed on a supported Symbian device which doesn't yet have the required add-on libraries. These libraries will be download and installed only when the installer detects that they are needed or that they should be upgraded. In particular this solution provides support for distributing Qt applications without embedding the large Qt libraries in the distribution package. Read this article for more information: Nokia Smart Installer for Symbian

Week 26 - June 27th 2010

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Recorded at the 2010 Embedded World event in Nürnberg, Germany, this video demonstrates Nokia´s Qt application and UI framework at work as part of the GENIVI 1.0 Reference Platform. Using Terminal Mode to connect a Nokia mobile phone seamlessly with the car, the demo allows full interaction with OVI services, music, contacts and all other mobile phone features via the touch interface integrated into a simulated instrument cluster.

Week 25 - June 20th 2010

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It often happens that someone goes to a foreign country and has trouble understanding the language. ABBYY FotoTranslate is excatly the kind of application one needs in this situation. As shown in the video, it uses character recognition algorithms to analyze the writing in a photo and automatically translates it.

Week 24 - June 13th 2010

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On 8 June 2010, Nokia Developer relaunched its website for mobile application developers, with a radically simplified information architecture, organizing resources according to three main categories: Design, Develop and Distribute. Watch this video and experience the new look and feel.

The revamped site also lets you dive deeper. Quick access to expert information is available in online libraries and device specifications. And the Nokia Developer blogs, wikis, discussion boards, and other community features continue their useful operations.

Start exploring new Nokia Developer website and feel the difference:

Week 23 - June 6th 2010

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That Roach Game, by Breakdesign, is a fantastic, Flash-based game that won an Open Screen Project Fund award. Available for all Nokia S60 5th Edition touch devices, it's a phenomenal, easy to pick up and play game, albeit with a slight gross out factor.

Want to visit Africa and kill some of it's nastiest crawlies, go ahead, make our day! That Roach Game is a simple, fun roach squashing game available for Nokia Touchscreen devices. Post your score to achieve fame and glory for you and your country! Join the anti-roach movement today and start killing those cockroaches! This game has no audio. Developed by Breakdesign, this is the first game to feature our latest scoring and community platform!

Want to know more about the Open Screen Fund project? Visit

Week 22 - May 30th 2010

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This video shows the impressions of the developers who attended the Nokia Qt SDK Hackfest in Berlin in March 2010. This was the first event of this kind organised by Nokia.

Nokia N8 Make My App competition Week 21 - May 23rd 2010

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Make My App competition is an exciting opportunity for anyone to submit ideas and compete for a chance to have their idea turned into real apps.

Got a better idea for an application? Every Wednesday the ten most popular ideas of that week are selected to join the Make My App shortlist. Your idea could be on the next shortlist! Take a look at this video and submit your application to this competition to win amazing prizes. The submissions close on June 27th.

Qt Quick Demos in Qt Creator Week 20 - May 16th 2010

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What´s Qt Quick, you ask? Qt Quick (Qt User Interface Creation Kit) is a high-level user interface technology that makes it dramatically easier for UI designers and developers with scripting language skills to quickly and easily create beautiful, pixel perfect UIs and lightweight, touch-enabled apps with Qt – all without requiring any C++ skills.

Check out the video demonstration of how to import Qt Quick projects and showing off the nice QML demos included in Qt 4.7.

Introduction to Flowella Week 19 - May 9th 2010

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The recently released Flowella allows developers to create prototypes for their applications without writing any code. Prototypes are built using images of screen mock-ups and defining links between the screens. This information is then used to create an Adobe Flash Lite 3.0 application or Web Runtime (WRT) widget, which can then be run on a device or a simulator supplied with Flowella, enabling the application interaction to be assessed.

Nokia Qt SDK - Cross-Platform Development Made Easy Week 18 - May 2nd 2010

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Qt SDK is a single, easy-to-use software developer kit for rapid development, testing and deployment of native applications for millions of Nokia smartphones and mobile computers around the globe. The SDK is in beta version and developers are encouraged to test it and give feedback to improve it further.

5 Minute Widget - Turn web pages into mobile applications Week 17 - April 25th 2010

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Web Runtime (WRT) extends the Web Browser for S60 to enable widgets — those small, focused web applications that are so popular on PCs. WRT makes it easy for a developer to offer an optimised web experience that a user can access with a single click.

WRT widgets can transform the web into a truly personal mobile experience. Integration with features of Symbian through Platform Services 1.0, Nokia Platform Services 2.0, or the APIBridge component, enables widgets to access information, such as a device’s location, and share it with a web server to offer unprecedented levels of relevance in web content.

Does that interest you to learn WRT widget development? See Riku Salminen turn a web page into a mobile application - in less than five minutes! For more information on making your own widgets in even less time, go to

Getting started with QML Week 16 - April 18th 2010

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This video explains how to get started with Qt Creator and QML by showing you how to run the examples and demos provided with the tools.

Qt @ Embedded World 2010 Week 15 - April 11th 2010

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The embedded world Exhibition&Conference is the world´s biggest exhibition of its kind and the meeting-place of the international embedded community. The video is about Qt in the embedded environment which proves its power and strength. See the video and experience the same.

Transitions: Mobile Eye Candy Week 14 - April 4th 2010

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A transition is a visual effect that is displayed, for example, when changing to another state in an application or when an action is executed.

So why are they so useful? Riku Salminen tells us what a good transition is and when to use them well. See demonstrations and explanations behind transitions such as List Fly-in, Peek, Bounce to position, Slide entrance, Flick and Flip. Check out the app he's using these transitions with and more information from

Qt 4.6: Multi-touch and Gestures in Action Week 13 - March 28th 2010

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In this video we can see a demonstration of multi-touch and gestures implemented using Qt 4.6. Example applications that use these features are also shown.

Qt Animation Framework - Creating smooth animations and transitions Week 12 - March 21st 2010

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This video proves how easily you can use the Qt Animation Framework to create animations and transitions for Qt applications. Sami Viitanen, a Nokia Developer expert, walks you through a working example and shows how easy it is to animate your Qt application.

The example application which is demonstrated in the video has been tested to work on the Nokia N97 mini, Nokia N900 and MacOS, Linux, and Windows.

Download the application from the Nokia Developer site, Simple Qt Animation Example, and learn more about Qt from

Digia Demos Qt Quick Week 11 - March 14th 2010

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Qt Quick (Qt User Interface Creation Kit) is a high-level user interface technology that makes it dramatically easier for UI designers and developers with scripting language skills to quickly and easily create beautiful, pixel perfect UIs and lightweight, touch-enabled apps with Qt – all without requiring any C++ skills.

While Qt has catered to C++ developers until now, Qt Quick extends Qt´s user interface capabilities. This creates exciting opportunities for UI designers and developers more familiar with scripting languages to use Qt to create cool UIs and apps for Nokia devices or any other Qt supported platform. What´s more, Qt Quick eliminates the barriers that often prevent designers and code crunchers from speaking the same language.

Digia is using a pre-release version of Qt Quick, the new user interface and application creation tool, to demonstrate how to deliver visually impressive consumer experiences across devices with different software and hardware platforms at this years Mobile World Congress. Watch this video to have a sneak peak at the cool demos developed by Digia using Qt Quick.

Nokia Mobile Theme Week 10 - March 7th 2010

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Wordpress Mobile Pack and Nokia Mobile Theme for Drupal are two projects that enable you to create professional websites optimized for a wide range of devices quickly and effectively. This video demostrates how to use Nokia Mobile Theme for Drupal 6.

Watch this video to get a glimpse of the Nokia Mobile Theme project.

Symbian^3 Week 9 - February 28th 2010

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The Symbian^3 release features a wide range of enhancements including more advanced usability, faster networking and graphics acceleration in 2D and 3D for games and apps.

Symbian^3 software release offers a powerful capability package for all Symbian device manufacturers. Along with more efficient memory management, allowing more apps to run in parallel, Symbian^3 also includes support for HDMI, so users can plug their device into a TV and watch a 1080p movie. The new graphics architecture will use hardware acceleration to offer users a much improved user interface.

Watch this video which shows off some concepts which explore the new capabilities of Symbian^3.

Ovi SDK Week 8 - February 21st 2010

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Nokia WRT is a development and delivery platform that allows the creation of applications (widgets) based on standard web technologies, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and AJAX.

The Guarana UI Library is a jQuery-based set of customizable UI elements, application frameworks, and templates that can be used for the creation of user interfaces in Nokia's Web Runtime platform. The Guarana UI library is compatible with S60 3rd Edition FP1 devices onwards.

Watch the video to get a sneak peak on a complete UI and application framework to create and deploy Web Runtime widgets in a friendly way.

Ovi SDK Week 7 - February 14th 2010

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The Ovi SDK gives developers the possibility to harness the Ovi Maps Player API and integrate navigation services into their applications.

This video shows the strengths of the Ovi SDK, which allows developers to create and deploy navigation applications across multiple devices.

QML and Qt Creator Week 6 - February 7th 2010

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QML' is an extension to JavaScript, that provides a mechanism to declaratively build an object tree of QML elements. Qt Declarative UI provides a declarative framework for building highly dynamic, custom user interfaces.

This video shows the current support of Declarative UI / Qml in QtCreator. With the Declarative UI, the target audience will not only be the traditional Qt/C++ developers, but also more design centric people - the goal is to let both share the same language, from early prototyping until the final product.

This video gives an overview of all the new features added to the Qt Creator to support development of the applications that use the new declarative UI language.

Conceptual Design in 2 Minutes Week 5 - January 31st 2010

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Designing a new project is always exciting, and team members always have plenty of ideas. Yet it can be hard to determine just where to begin.

Concepting a design depends on many factors, including budget, timeline, and available resources. It’s best to take a pragmatic approach and always be open to considering changes that will result in a better overall offering.

Ever wonder what conceptual design actually is, anyways? Watch this 2-minute long clip for an introduction to concepting, why you should do it, and how to concept your application. To discover more about concepting and other user experience design tips, visit Design and User Experience

The Wonderful World of Nokia Store Week 4 - January 24th 2010

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As one of the world's most popular cross-platform development frameworks, Qt is used for applications that can run on various devices and platforms, as this video demonstrates.

The applications developed using Qt are showcased on a number of devices from several manufacturers, running different platforms. As is to be expected, they look and behave the same. THe applications include: Ray casting, OpenStreetMap viewer, Weather info, Digital clock, and Kinetic scrolling.

Watch this video to see just how versatile and portable Qt applications can be.

Qt in a Day Week 3 - January 17th 2010

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Every day hundreds of millions of people are in contact with Qt. Everywhere. Many of the everyday products you use in a full day are powered by Qt.

Qt is used for navigation applications. Qt is used in the coffee machines. Qt is powered in the video phones solutions which remains you close with your family and friends. Qt technology is used in intuitive printing with web interaction. Qt is used in Gas explorations applications. Qt is used in the Set Top box development and allows you to watch TV shows and movies. Nokia N900 Maemo applications are powered by Qt.

Qt is used in over 20,000 applications and devices by companies such as Skype, HP, Google, VLC, Adobe, Walt Disney Animation Studios, Aria Networks, DFS and Samsung across desktop, embedded and mobile platforms.

Qt has made everyday life so much easier. Take a look at this video and realize the importance of Qt in your routine life.

Long Weekend: UX Meets Code Week 2 - January 10th 2010

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What was UX Meets Code, anyways? Quim Gil, Sanna Häiväläinen, Michael Hasselmann, Patricia Montenegro, Tomasz Dominikowski, Sanna Nordling, and Alia Merali discuss what the UX Meets Code Weekend was and what it meant to them. If you'd like to learn more, visit or join the community at

About 50 community developers and user experience professionals work together during 3 days at Barcelona to meet common goals like: improving the usability and visual appeal of Maemo applications, improving the UX documentation for Maemo developers and get a critical mass of people interested in pushing forward UX meets Code activities online and face to face.

Watch the video to get a sneak peek of the happenings and outcomes of these 3 days!

Introduction to Qt Week 1 - January 1st 2010

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Qt by Nokia is one of the most complete and popular cross-platform application development framework. Using Qt, you can write web-enabled applications once and deploy them across desktop, mobile and embedded operating systems without rewriting the source code.

With features like intuitive C++ class library, portability across desktop and embedded operating systems, integrated development tools, cross-platform IDE and high runtime performance and small footprint on embedded, Qt is everything you need to create web-enabled desktop, mobile and embedded applications.

Watch this video to know the insights from the experts.