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Created: kiran10182 (30 Dec 2009)
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Week 23 - June 6th 2010

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That Roach Game, by Breakdesign, is a fantastic, Flash-based game that won an Open Screen Project Fund award. Available for all Nokia S60 5th Edition touch devices, it's a phenomenal, easy to pick up and play game, albeit with a slight gross out factor.

Want to visit Africa and kill some of it's nastiest crawlies, go ahead, make our day! That Roach Game is a simple, fun roach squashing game available for Nokia Touchscreen devices. Post your score to achieve fame and glory for you and your country! Join the anti-roach movement today and start killing those cockroaches! This game has no audio. Developed by Breakdesign, this is the first game to feature our latest scoring and community platform!

Want to know more about the Open Screen Fund project? Visit


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