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This article features the FileCheck application - which intended to be used as a helper application when doing testing for Symbian signed, especially it can be used for TEST 8 — Un-install to check whether the application leaves any of its own files into the device after it is uninstalled. Note that this application shows all file modifications, thus also changes made by OS and other applications are also reported in it.

The application can be downloaded here.

Usage summary

The basic usage of the application has following steps:

  • Save a snapshot of the current state of the file system
  • Compare current file system state to the previously saved snapshot
  • Analyze the result

Saving snapshot

When you first start the application the list shown will be empty. Thus to save a snap shot of the current state of the file system you can select menu option “Take Snapshot”, which after the search starts with folder search, and after all folders are found, they are processed one-by-one and the Snapshot is saved in the end of the search. This process is illustrated in screen shots shown below.


Note that if the search is interrupted, the snapshot file is not saved. All saved snapshot files have .sss extension and are shown the list when the application is started. You can use menu option “Delete Snapshot” to delete selected snapshot.

Compare Snapshot to current state

To start comparing process, first highlight snapshot from the list to select the snapshot to which the comparison will be made against. And then Select “Compare Snapshot” from the options menu. The comparing step also starts with folder search and after all folders are read, and then each of them is processed one-by-one. This process can take several minutes to complete, and if cancelled, only results found so far will be displayed.

Compare Snapshot.jpg

Analyze the result

With the results you can check the data or each modification directly in the device. The results for the comparison are shown in four tabs. the first tab “All” shows all changes in one view, “New” tab only shows files which were created after the snapshot was takes, “Del” tab shows files which were deleted after the snapshot was made, and the “Mod” tab shows files which have modification time (or file size has changed) different than the time saved in the snapshot. Analyze results.jpg

The Change summary can be shown by selecting “Change Summary” from the options menu, the summary simply shows count & total size for new files, deleted files and the total change size for modified files. “Show Info” menu option will then show individual file change information. The whole comparison data can be also saved to a file with “Save to file” option. Saved files can be then sent to PC for further analysis, the option “Send saved file” can be used for selecting saved comparison file and to send it using the SendUI options supporting attachments which also are available on the device. The saved file can then be opened in Excel with these instructions:

  • Open MS Excel
  • click File-Open from the menu
  • Select All files for the files filter
  • Browse for the text file, and open it
  • With import wizard select : Delimited & Delimiters: Tab
  • The file show now behave just as normal Excel document
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